Friday, December 31, 2010

In a nutshell...2010

I copied this from my friend Ashley's blog- she's awesome! thanks Ashley! It makes you think and reflect on the past year- it made me realize how many friends I miss! FRIENDS I MISS YOU ALL!!! So even though I have a thousand pics to downlaod from 2010and scrapbooks to do (I shou;dve written that! haha!) here's 2010 in a nutshell...

1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
A FULL NIGHT SLEEP!! ok so it's been a few years, but I have had a few nights this year of uninterrupted sleep!
2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
MOST of them- and yes, I am making more for this year- the ones I don't quite achieve roll over into the next year
3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
yes!!! LOTS of babies! lots of friends pregnant right now...
4. Did anyone close to you die?
my biological dad's mom but I wasn't really close to her- also my stepmoms dad-
5. What countries did you visit?
We travled in the US this year- San Diego, Flagstaff, Philadlephia, NYC and DC, Utah... maybe next summer!!! we'll see:) Took a girls weekend and took Hailyn to her first tri pto DISNEYLAND!!!
6. What would you like to have in 2011 that you didn't have in 2010?
my to do list DONE! My book in print and (selling?) and a smaller number on the scale- also a higher number in the savings account- oh and a preapproval on a home loan:) and maybe a pregancy???
7. What dates from 2010 will be etched upon your memory, and why?
Ummm Jan 8, 2010 the day Ryan GRADUATED from CCFD and was VALEDICTORIAN! I have NEVER EVER been so sleep deprived as I was for six months- I mean an hour and a half maybe each night- EACH NIGHT! I will never foget that day!
9. What was your biggest failure?
Hmmmm well I guess the phrase no success in life can compensate for failure in the home- I just do my best! that's all I can do!
10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
ohhh yeah- my atvrolllover accident- the cracked ribs and seriously sprained ankle leaving me in crutches- painkillers at night so I could sleep and still teaching...
11. What was the best thing you bought?
hmmmm the wii is pretty sweet!and I love ryan's new H2 SUT that was a steal-
12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
Hmmm lots of people- my sister Jen is one of the best people I know- don't know what I'd do without her! I'm proud of the decision my brother in law made to marry a nice girl :)
13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
OMG by biological father- can't even go there- SO BAD!.
14. Where did most of your money go?
rent (grrr) and many bills...
15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
traveling over the summer- I love travelling- and paying off my car and credit cards! next goal save for a house!
16. What song will always remind you of 2010?
Ummm I'm bad at this game really...
17. Compared to this time last year, are you: a) happier or sadder? b) thinner or fatter? c) richer or poorer?
happier probably- last year was rough- SO MUCH going on- this year things are settling down (sorta!) haha! I got realy fat during rookie school losing some now- hoping to lose it all this year! definately richer in the sense of we paid off debt- we still have some and we need to save for a house but it feels good to make some headway...
18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
errr eat healthier not stress so much and work out...take time for me- and write more!
19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
worry- I worry all the time...
20. How did you spend Christmas?
Thought Ryan was going to have to work 72 hours straight- fortunately he was off Christmas Eve so we hada fabulous breakfast at Jen's with my siblings, then put Hailyn to bed, made a cheesecake, then dinner at Ryan's parents that night- SO FUN! We did a gift exchange SO MUCH FUN!!! Then Christmas morning went to breakfast with Ryan's fam, Hailyn napped then dinner (and seeing Santa!) at the station- SO FUN!! We also saw Santa at Mimzy and Pap's house:)
21. Did you fall in love in 2010?
Umm I guess my love grew? I love Ryan- and my baby girl- and my family and friends!
22. What was your favorite TV program?
ohhhh this is embarrassing- I watch great shows like the Office, Archer, PArks and Rec, but I also like Teen mom.... yeah...
23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Hat eis a strong word- I've had some 'daddy' issues with my biological dad
24. What was the best book you read?
Can my own count? lol! JUST KIDDING!!! Ummm I read a lot of great books- tough to pick!
25. What was your greatest musical discovery?
I love musicals- I know!
26. What did you want and get?
my debt (mostl) paid off! FEELS GOOD!
27. What did you want and not get?
we're still working on saving for a house...
28. What was your favorite film of 2010?
tough- really loved HArry Potter- I'm such a potter fan! lol!
29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 26- ugh!!! closer to 30 than 20:( we had to fix my car ac as we were leaving for utah the next day- both of our ac's went out! haha! Ate a free lunch at Firehouse subs- we did REd Robin (free) free cold stone, free baskin robbins, fre fuddruckers (seeing a theme? haha!) and went to see Ecplise- I know corny it was pretty good though! haha
30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
fitting into my skinny pants!
31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept of 2009?
I'd like to look the way I want to look in my clothes... so if the skirt fits? lol! jeans work tops, working with kids
32. What kept you sane?
Sadly, mini reeses peanut butter cups... my escape- hence why I am not buying any in 2011- that and dr pepper and red bull! haha!
33. What political issue stirred you the most?
ugh should I 'go there'? hmm basically I want smart educated people to make wise decisions, especially when it comes to public safety....
34. Who did you miss?
my mommy- I know she would get a kick out of hailyn- so that's hard- plus my dear friend Cheryl whiteny- she is just super busy all the time- and I hve dear friends that live back east- MOVE BACK PEOPLE- calli, lindzie... and I miss Laura Lee and Laura Nelson- I m iss my friends- I just don't get to see them enough! Darn work schedules!
35. Who was the best new person you met?
hmmm. lots of new people!
36. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010.
patience is a virtue!
37. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
hmmm.... ????

Thursday, December 16, 2010

May your jeans be skinny and your wallets fat- and not the other way around...

As it's feeling for me this month! What the heck! according to my trusty Christmas calendar countdown (where I pysically move the blocks and change the numbers myself) we have 9 days until Christmas!!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? I swear my lifeis on fast forward ALL the time now it's insane! I still have last minute stuff to get- and a house to clean- ahh! what the heck!!??? I thought I had more time! after all I got most of the presents eaqrly, wrapped, and ready to go, set up the tree veterns day weekend (I know baaaad!) baked amillion oookies, sent out cards, and even did my visiting teaching already. SO HOW IS IT ALMOST CHRISMTAS? those last minute things that I will have time for, ha! It's NOW baby! sigh- time to get to work. ExceptI have had the AWESOME task of juggling this month- BIGTIME! Ryan got a new car and well the registration, insurance, and GAS are killing me. That and our fridge parts well, basically everything that needs replacing decided to do so THIS MONTH the month of Christmas. I am grateful I mostly planned ahead and we have most of the expenses covered, but iswear everything has hit at once and I tell you there are a million birthdays this time of year too- sigh- I know I know I sound like a grinch- but really we've been so blessed and we have had a wonderful season of celebrating with friends and family! but I'm sorta ready to 'get back' on track- without surprise expenses hapneing at once and eatign healthier. oh and I'd love a clean house...thanks Santa!

On a hilaious note wheneverI sing my daughter says no mama stop! and holds up her hand- She cried at church when I would sing- two years ago at Christmas singing Joy to the World. She never has appreciated my sining voice. Anyone wanna come over and do some computer work for me? edits need to be made on the computer (already written out) and I have ten thousand pics to downlaod- anyone? anyone?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch up!

I need to downlaod pics! There's so much to catch up on! Halloween! My book launch! Ryan went out of town for 2 weeks and I went to Disneyland. It was busy. No camera cord! ahh! I will come back and catch up soon! October was crazy busy!

Alb trip

Ok ok, so it's SEPTMEBER but really whatever! October was AWESOME! BUSY! It kicked off with going to Albuquerue for the balloon festival and visiting Ryan's grandparents. Ryan drove solo with Hailyn on Thursday morning and I flew out after work Friday- I had a crazy airport expereince too...almost didn't make it!

My flight to Phoneix was delayed (I thought I clicked on non-stop when I booked I guess I didnt!) and I showed up and going out of Phoeniz it was delayed 30 minutes. I had a 40 minute gap so I asked them at the front desk (US Airways btw) and they said 'no you'll be fine' I asked 'you sure you have a non stop leaving at the same time do I need to switch I NEED to get to Alb. tonight! they said I'd be fine. They changed my seat so I'd be first off the plane, luckily I had no luggage and no child. So I ask them on the plane agai if I'm ok, they reassure me it's a five minute walk to my next gate. Ok. So I get of the plane and I have 11 minutes. You guys it was a mile to my next gate. No joke. I thought the guys would at least call the gate tell them I'm on my way (it was thier airline!) and have a golf cart waiting for me- nope! I had to take off my shoes and SPRINT to the next gate. I get there right as a lady let two people in and 'sealed' the doors. I BEGGED her to let me on. She had the audacity to say to me I shouldve been here sooner they sealed the doors. Um, I was about to go crazy on this lady. I deided to try the honey/vienegar approach and luckily the honey worked and she opened the doors, they had ONE seatl left. Grr! Then in Alb. I arrived at midnight, we woke up at 4am to see the balloon launch. I was a tad groggy. Anyhow we didn't make it, we were stuck in traffic forever. Hailyn still saw the balloons from the sky, and later that night we went back to the fair and ate and saw fireworks. It was a trip of Sadies, breakfast burritos, and wonderful time with fam!

25 months...

sigh...what is the age of which parents stop saying 'months'? I mean is it 3? It's getting a little insane to say '25 months'. She's two. Hailyn is two years old. I hated it when parents would say '33 months' to me when I would ask how old thier child was and I'd have to do the math. The first year is fine (that makes sense) but then it gets, confusing- 19 months? How about a year and a half? anyway TANGENT!But in the name of journaling (and the fact that this is really the only record I keep of my little growing monkey- no judgement!) Anyhow, Hailyn is now a month past one;)

Around her birthday she was showing MAJOR signs of potty-training readiness. She would take off her diaper right after it was wet and go sit on the toilet. She would rip her diaper off at naptime. We got the books (any recommedations btw I am OPEN!) and borrowed the Potty Time Elmo dvd. The thing with Elmo is Elmo refers to himself in the third person. Hailyn found his narcissim annoying and well, we only made it through halfway.

Then we took some major steps back, Hailyn got sick (I am going to try and take her to the doc today- well Ryan is) and she has had some diaherra badly for about 5 days- so we halted the potty training until she was back to her old self. Not in the mood to clean that up off the floor but I most importantly didn't want to set her up for failure. She woke up this morning with a nasty cough- she has some kind of virus. Poor baby. So I hope it gets cleared up for 4 days of uninteruppoted potty training bootcamp! (I have thursday and friday off work) so all of my focus can be on POTTY BOOTCAMP! Hope we're both up for it.

Ok, enough with the grossness on to the CUTE! The way Hailyn says 'thank you' and 'no thank you' pretty much the cutest thing in the world. Honestly she says thank you and you want to give her whatever it is she's asking for because she just sounds so dang cute. It takes a lot of willpower for me to be objective and be a good disciplined mommy when she is asking (she asks using 'thank you' she uses it in place of please!)

She is talking SO MUCH now! Tells me stories, asks for 'more juice (everything is juice- water, milk, diet coke-haha) she says a TON of words. The girl LOVES to talk.

She loves to give herself pedicures. She gets them at Mimzy's house all the time, and if we wait to long she'll find the nailpolish and do it herself. It's super funny!

She has discovered Little Einsteins and well, she is in love with this show. Is it worng we don't subject her to shows we can't stand. Elmo grates on my nerves (hence she hasn't clicked with the potty training dvd) and we do NOT tolerate Barney. She did find the purple dinosaur in the giveaway pile at Super Saturday. Sigh, so now she has a Barney doll. Great.

She HATES getting her teeth brushed. I feel like the worst mommy in the world when I have to brush her teeth. Ryan tired to do it. He's too sweet and gentle. The girl needs to have clean teeth regardless. Sigh it's not fun holdig her down to brush her teeth.

She LOVES to pick out her outfits. Usually it's the blue tuutu and no shirt- underwear over her pants look. The girl LOVES her shoes too.

She eats scrambled eggs and chocolate milk pretty much every day for breakfast. She also LOVES reeses peanut butter cups (from her mama) and chocoalte chip pancakes. She also wears her hair in pigtail buns we can devil horns nearly everyday.

She is REALLY into caring for babies! BIGTIME! She carries two babies EVERYWHERE and needs to feed them, wrap them in blankets, push them in the baby stroller, tucks them into thier 'crib' (really my foot spa bath! haha!) and she loves taking care of her babies. They are with her EVERYWHERE-I wonder why two- is she planning on having twin siblings someday? I hope this enthusiamsm sticks at least a few more years- we'd love to have another one sometime! she's getting a lot of practice being a great big sister!

She's better at nursery too! She'll just go in (YAY!) six months ago I'd be crying in the bathroom now she'll go! She also climbed up the slide by herslef at pump it up- that slide wears me out! haha! I think she has some gymnastic qualities we'll see!
She's amazing. I love reading her stories, taking her to the 'slides' at the park (she LOOVES slides nothing else is in existince at the park). She's a really good kid. I call her Dr. Jekyl an d Mr. Hyde- but USUALLY she's awesome. She's my little buddy. We've had quite the busy year and bless her heart she bears with me while I work all day then have to run my errands- she lets me drag her anywhere. I LOVE her!

Sorry if this is long- it's basically my journal for her. I need to be better at recording stuff. I love you monkey girl! (She got a lot of moneky stuff for her birthday- it suits her!:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CHRISTMAS came early this year! Well, at least the cards!

Although I realize Halloween ended just two days ago (I already picked up Hailyn's costume for next year at 50% off yep I'm frugal like that), and Thanksgiving is still WEEKS away, Can't leave out THANKSGIVING I'm already planning CHRISTMAS- that's right folks, I'm talking CHRISTMAS cards and I'm doing them, right now. yep, it's awesome! And yes, I plan on putting my tree up before the end of the week. I either end up enjoying two months of it or two days- since I'm already putting away Halloween decor, I may as well combine Thanksgiving and Christmas! (well it's really because I'm already making a mess of the closet anyway! haha!)

Thanks to a tip last year I was able to get all of my Christmas cards for free including shipping nthanks to Shutterfly (otherwise I probably wouldn't do them- I know right?) So this year I was excited to see Shutterfly doing a similar promostion- talk about Shutterfly on your blog, recieve a code for 50 free cards!

Christmas cards linked to

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Have fun making your cards! Pass along the info! I sure will be!:)

Monday, October 18, 2010


I was contacted by my friend Nicole (who is a big supporter of the book- thanks Nicole!) about an opportunity to be interviewed by her uncle on his radio show! HE called me this morning and I had the chance to chat with him (he's wonderful) and his contact Sharon Jenkins, a seasoned author. They had some very wonderful advice and encouragment for me, and some great ooportunites (possibly) for me. To start, I'll be doing an interview this wednesday at 1:45 pm(PST) Here's the link to register...
and I hope you are able to listen!

I feel truly BLESSED to be in contact with these awesome people- great things (hopefully) around the corner!


What a difference a decade makes...

I can't believe it- 10 years ago today, on October 18, 2000 my mom passed away, and here I am a decade later.

Fun fact this is my 200th post- coincidence- hmmm

It's so strange to think it's been ten years. How different would my life be in those ten years? What kind of relationship would my mom and I have now? We never got a chance to survive the whole 'independent daughter, worrying mother' phase of our relationship (in case you're curious that tends to happen around the daughter's age of 17). She never got a chance to um what's the word, offer her opnions about decisions in my life, influence if you will, it's been all me and all my decisions for ten years- it's a strange feeling.

I can't help but wonder if she'd be proud of my decisions, of the choices I made. In th end it's the same feeling I guess most daughters feel, their mom may not approve of all thier choices, but really who does? You can't please everybody, and at the end of the day you have to be satisfied with the decisions that you have made. Over all I know she'd want me to be happy, and I am.

So much has happened in ten years. She passed away, I met the love of my life, he went on a mission, my stepdad got remarried and we moved (I STILL miss my old house to this day!) and I graduated high school. Then an associates degree. ThenI got married. Then I recieved my BA in English and my Montessori degree simultaneously.

Then we got pregnant and had Hailyn in October. I was induced with her.I worried that she would be born the same day my mom passed away, and I'm almost certain she would have been. I'm ok with that now, but the thought of raising a daughter, after losing my mom terrified me to an extent. I worried about the same thing happening to her that happened to me. I am now convinced I cannot die until she is grown, and secure in life. I have to see her through. My accident in Feb proved that to me. I can't be a daredevil (as much) anymore. Sigh. I don't want to be.

October is such a bittersweet month. I KNOW my mom specifically sought Hailyn out and hung out with her beforehad, becuase Hailyn will give me looks sometimes and it's like 'WHOA! THERE'S MOM!' She's done this since she was a newborn- seriously. I'm also convinced my mom would tell Hailyn stories in heaven all about the tantrums I use to throw and the 'nudity' obsession I had with taking my clothes off- my mom always said I would get my payback and raise a daughter just like me- Hailyn so is me! In fact the student surpasses the teacher in my opinion here. I do worry about Hailyn forgetting her grandma in heaven. My mom, imperfect as we all are in our own ways, she rocked. Especially towards the last four years when she was diagnosed, she was a rock, the strongest woman I will ever know.

There are some days I just want to call and ask her advice. When I'm sick I just wish my mommy were there with soup, but alas, it's not possible and I'm a grown up, I get my own soup now (also has to do with motherhood- you don't get sick days!) I wish Ryan got to know her- it's strange because Ryan really only knows a fraction of me, a few peices of the puzzle are missing for him, just because (he has also never met my biological dad and if I can help it he NEVER will- long story don't want to get into) but really, my dad will never EVER even meet Hailyn. Tangent over. Ryan did meet my mom once, he doesn't rememeber. My mom thought he was super cute and nice. I think she'd approve! haha! Life would sure be easier if she were here, but then again life isn't supopsed to be easy.

I did a lot in those ten years, and I will always wonder what she thought of my decision, my actions, and the person I am now. Hopefully she'll be proud of the fact that I am trying to pursue my dream- this project

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going for it....

As many of you know I have been writing a novel for the past few years, and it is 95% done (some minor editing that should be done lickety split!) If you are interested in reading it, in helping out an emerging author, click here to see how you canget involved and pre-order your copy today! I'm going to try and make a button, but if you can post this on your FB or on your blog and help spread the word I'd greatly appreciate it!!!! Thanks you guys!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fam pictures finally!

WARNING!!! This post contains a million pictures- be forewarned! But since you guys are used to me having long posts anyway- well, here it goes! We had family pictures! It was quite the adventure getting three little kiddos under the age of four to get a shot- luckily we had a fabulous photographer (THANK GOODNESS!!!!:) and we walked away with some awesome shots!! these are raw, we still need to decide on editing- but here ya go!

Ryan trying to get Hailyn to run with her Number 2 candle

Giving up- haha!

RUNNING!!! She was being bribed with a cheeto!

sweet two year shot! love! keep in mind I had like a hundred to choose from- it's hard to narrow them down- I am so ecstatic with them though!

The grandkids!

The happy couple!!

and again!!!

The three bears...

behind the scenes- the moms trying to get the kiddos under control!

haha- I LOVE this pic- CLASSIC Hailyn whenever we try and get a picture- since she was 6 weeks old she has NOT liked the paprazzi! Remember the angel pic where she is flipping the bird? classic... oh and Ryan (Em's hubby) found a pack of cigarettes someone left behind at the park (we took these at the park Hailyn always plays at- awesome!) and so he's holding them while trying to get hailyn to hold hands with boys- hilarious! LOVE it!

umm are you as obsesed with her tutu as I am? I wish I got more pictures in it- I had her do a wardrobe change! classic diva! seriously, I am obsessed with this tutu- I spent a fortune finsing outfits for the pictures and this one was the winner- wish I just stopped- sigh- anyhow I want to get more-in various sizes- it also comes in pink and black- it's hard to find royal blue for little girls and this is amazing! ok, enough with the tutu- but seriously adorable!


showing how fast the 'blur' can be- she's crazy fast!!

Can't believe it's been two years- we're having a most likely traditional fuddruckers dinner on friday night for her birthday- I'll post pics:) In the meantime I am THRILLED to finally have some couple and family shots! YAY! HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 month to go...

Before the TERRIBLE TWO'S HIT (disclaimer: I truly believe they have arrived early folks- there are nay-sayers out there but I am truly convinced Hailyn has entered the 'dreaded two's)

Seriously, wasn't she JUST born (ok you may be tired of me asking that question but in my mind,m she really was just born yesterday. Wasn't she JUST the size of a sack of flour- maybe a bit bigger- she was 8.4- regardelss this full fledged little GIRL will be two in just a month (and two days, techinaclity- if I waited I'd forget!)

People who say you don't know a baby's personality til later on are full of bologna! I KNEW Hailyn was a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde complex personality and sure enough, it's becoming even more and more evident. When she is sweet (which really is most of the time, it's about 80% these days) there isn't a sweeter child on the planet. Then a flip switches and BAM!!! She turns into babyzilla wrecking havoc on all around her. It's the sweet, good times that save me when the monster comes around (20% of the time). Heres a bit of what our monkey is up to...

*She counts! She can count to three on her own and we practice counting to ten. She LOVES to hold my hand and Ryan's hand walking somehwere and count one, two three and sure enough she gets to be swung up in the air- SO FUN! Once she learned we'll do that when she counts to three, she practices coutning QUITE A BIT!!! Haha- what a ham.

- She's a touch OCD- since this runs in my family (my biological dad) I am slightly curious how this is going to play out- for right now she LOVES lining her animal crackers EXACTLY in a line- or any food. It's a perfect line too folks. As long as this is her only quirk I'm, ok. I want her to be normal. Make messes, clean them up for sure but I want my kid to play in the dirt, not be worried about her clothes, scrap her knees, ect. The sort of tom-boyish childhood I had:) (Oh she CAN help clean up though;) I'll encourage that!)

- She DOES listen pretty well. She follows simple instructions and is pretty obedient.

- We're working on prayers with her- tricky since she isn't even two but we're getting there

-Ms. Independent LOVES to pick out her own clothes- and she now picks out my shoes too! In fact It's safe to say we spend 1/2 our day putting hsoes on and off...

- She LOOOOVES music- songing dancing, shaking her groove thang. We knew this early on. Ryan's sister (we oftern call Hailyn mini ky ky) is very musical and so we're sorta not surprised, we'll see what happens.

- She LOVES to take care of her baby dolls! It makes me REALLY REALLY want another baby (no no, announceent folks, I assure you) but I keep telling her she'll be an amazing big sister SOMEDAY!

- She's still a fairly good traveler, does pretty well still in movies, ok, in restaurants, ect. We keep dragging her these places, it seems to instill how she should behave (of course snacks and toys help occupy her;)

- she's still SKINNY! we took her to the doc a while ago for an ear infection and I was SO excited when they said 23.4 lbs! WAHOO! Those mcdonalds hamburgers are poaying off (why can't I have her metabolism?)

- She had a tumbling class and a gymboree class over the summer and she LOVED it- and I mentione dit beofre but this girl has inherited her Mimzy's gyumnastics skills! She can walk on the balance beam PERFECTLY (Mimzy's BEST event;) and she climbs on EVERYTHING- at the park she'll climb the highest she can go and jump all over- FEARLESS kid! I'm not surprised though;)

-It's SO much fun hearing her talk more and more...

- She is SUCH A daddy's girl. She runs to him when he gets home from work and cries when he leaves- so sad. I need to get a pic of that.

She is our love bug. No longer our short stack (she's TALL!), our little monkey, my lil munchkin. Even though she is a big girl, a shameless flirt, she will always be my baby girl. Love you baby!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where did summer go?

This summer has been BUSY!!! I thought once I' not teaching full time in the summer I"m going to have all this spare time to do things- HA! It has been eventful- and WONDERFUL! We kicked off the sumer going to San Diego for a week- AWESOE! Hailyn LOVED the zoo! Then we went BACK EAST to Philly to visit friends and hit NYC and Washington DC- then my BIRTHDAY (car AC's went out- on both cars!got it fixed though!) then we went to Fillmore for my family reunion (I miss these people SO SO MUCH!) and hit Beaver Mountain where I want to live forever (in the sumer that is) then I got my wisdom teeth out. Hailyn started Gymboree and Tumbling classes. Yep yep. Then I went on an amazing girls trip to Cali with my three fav girls to the beach and disneyland! yaya! then a week of subbing and watching kiddos- BUSY! then A CRUISE! My first one EVER (and Ryan's too!) we went to Catalina and Ensenada- it was AWESOME! I'm a big fan of cruises. I come home to a pile of mail, getting ready for school to start and trying to finish cleaning my house and projects- sigh! BUSY! awesomeness though- I love being busy! Sprinkle in some free movies, tutoring, splash park dates and lunches with friends it's been a pretty amazing summer! but I'm worn out!! maybe another cruise to relax?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The HAPPIEST place on earth...

The next day of our PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY we went to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! DISNEYLAND!!!! It was HAILYN'S FIRST TIME!!!! And Brandi, you could be a TOUR GUIDE for Disneyland- AMAZING! Oh my goodness we had way too much fun!!!

TEACUPS!!!!! The girls loved it- the mamas learned they aren't as young as they used to be (ahem!) wink wink!

This is Hailyn on the pier- boy did that girl LOVE the pier- she SPRINTED to Rubys- but this is her sporting her new accesories!

HAUNTED MANSION! WE basically walked on! Hailyn LOVED it!!! she loved the ghosts and she tried to blow the candles out of the candelabras! haha it was so funny! We aslo got onto Pirates of the Carribean quickly too (people in Disney ROCKED! minus one guy on the Dumbo ride- haha!) Hailyn LOVED them!


CAROSAL!!! Hailyn LOVED the carosal!!! We go all the way to Disneyland and the girl wants to ride the carosal a thousand times- haha!


I want to live in sleeping beauty's castle- I love Sleeping Beauty!

Upon arrival!!!!!

We got to see FANTASMIC!!! It was INCREDIBLE and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! We went on the 55th birthday- the actual day and there parades and festivities all day long but it wasn't too crowded- and people saved us seats at Fantasmic and people were really cool (minus one jerk on the Dumbo ride! haha!) It was an INCREDIBLE wonderful day- and weekend! LOVE it!!! WE drove back that night and although we wanted to do this...

Brnadi and I bought $20 worth of energy drinks and drove through the night with sleeping babies- I brought a new meaning to the term bust a move! haha! and we got attacked by a swarm of bugs at a gas station at 3 am- it was quite a memorable weekend and I feel SO LUCKY to have been able to go!! Brandi, you should be a tour guide for Disney- and you are a rockstar- it was a blast- thank you for the best girls weekend EVER! LOVE YOU!!!!

The Perfect Weekend....

This last weekend Brandi and I decided (last minute!) to escape the heat warning in Las Vegas and take our girls to the beach and Disneyland! The girls were INCREDIBLE- I mean like thier halos were glistening! They were amazing on the drive down and back and all the time in between! When we got there we went steaight to Hunington Beach- BEAUTIFUL! Hailyn LOVES the beach and had a blast- and this was her first time going into the ocean- she LOVED it!

Our cute california girls palying in the sand!

A lot of digging in the sand- the beach is one giant sandbox!

Checking out the ocean!

Mother daughter love!

Despite the face she LOVED playing in the water!

HOT mamas!

We ate a RUBY'S (drooling now thinking about it) and poked around the shops then we went searching for a hotel got the girls bathed and in bed and ready for day two...DISNEYLAND!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

21 months!!!

This beautiful girl turned 21 months on the 9th- I was busy- recovering from oral surgery and doped up on loritab to do a post. Can I just stop for a minute and say what the heck? I have an almost TWO year old!!! I want to cry!!! I feel old- I miss my baby- but she will alwaye be my baby!:) and she is becoming a LOT of fun! Here are some examples:

-she says 'uh oh' ALWAYS- and it's always at teh funniest times
-she likes her blanket (esp the pink one) it disapperared for a while but I got it out while we were traveling- it will have to disappear again
-she likes things orderly- she'll make a mess and pick it up- I gope that stays
-she's getting better at nursery- she only cries for a few minutes then she seems to calm down- she's always excited when we pick her up
- I enrolled her in a tumbling and a gymboree class to try and get her to socialize more with kids her own age- she's shy at first but then comes around
- she LOVES to put lotion/soap on me, her everyone- hilarious! she brings me containers of soap!

I love this little girl like crazy!!! she is my buddy and it's so fun seeing how smart, clever and funny she is!!! here's to almost two (tear)

does someone have a newborn I can hold like now?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wisdom over the years...

Ok so while I'm at this whole acting like a grown up kick (yes the mortgage, cars, education, having a child, these did not make me feel like a grown up- getting my ears pierced at claire's, like my one year old has, that did it!) I finally got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday! I know right- I am only 26- psssh whatever! My teeth grow late and it has never been a problem- well, I had them pulled tuesday, and had a filling and a crown put in as well as so far I am recovering VERY well (I think!) Still can't chew or open my mouth a lot but I've been recovering and doing laundry ect- I had no laughing gas or anesthesia and I havent had a loritab in two days! I think my atv crash and hailyn's birth were WAY worse recovery than this so cheers to this (conitnuing) to be a speedy recovery!)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok, so for the 4th of July we went to my mom's hometown Fillmore Utah and got to see my extended family (FINALLY!) It was AWESOME! Fillmore, they know how to do forth of july RIGHT! Well, since it's blogger and I'm lazy, the pictures are in reverse order from the day- what can you do?

Here we are getting to watch the fireworks- they were INCREDIBLE and like 40 minutes long! LOVE this face!

Cuddling up to dad!

EXHAUSTED before the fireworks- once they started she watched half the show then slept the last half- silly girl!

blowing bubbles in my aunt's INCREDBILE backyard- she has a creek in her backyard- and a dog- Hailyn was in HEAVEN!

Hailyn on the slip n slide- someone forgot to pack her swimsuit (opps mom!) next year! she loved it all the same!

Aunt Melanie with her two beautiful neices!

What Ryan did most of the day- slept!

Necklaces! Time to accesorize!

Hailyn with Carson and Nathan- she LOVES them! So cute to watch!

an ice pop from the parade! my cousin Jonathon gave it to her and she LOVED it! haha!

So we went to the parade, then the park where there were booths and bouncy houses, then to my aunts gorgeous backyard to play eat, slip and slide then on to the fireworks- it was an incredible weekend- and I can't wait for next year! I love my fam! Hailyn's favorite parts of the day were a lamb I got for her we lovingly named Fillmore- she HAD to have Fillmore once she saw him in the historic musuem- haha. Candy- and this girl ate PLENTLY of it- and all of her favorite people loving on her- can't wait to go again next year!

I'm a GROWN UP NOW!!!!!

SOOOOO it's official- I'm now closer to (ahem cough) 30 than I am to 20- and I have mixed emotions about that! Since blogger is being oh so awesome I can only load two pics at a time- so here's a preveiw of my birthday expereince. This beautiful girl took me out on the town- while her wonderuflly hubby watched all three girls, she convinced me to get my ears repierced. I had my ears pierced when I was 12- and right after I got married they closed up- so I FINALLY got them repierced! WE then went to OUTBACK (oh I am still drooling over the dessert- which unfortunately I can't post a pic yet- grrr- maybe later?) and then saw eclipse- an awesome night with an awesome bestie! thanks girl! it was WAY too much fun! :)


Ok, well blogger is being difficult and I'm not able to post all the pics I want to right now, so here are a few from our overnight in DC- and one of the liberty bell because well that's what blogger did- so here are some pics- the white house- twice and the WWII memorial- hopefully I'll get more up! I'm sad I didn't get any with Lindzie- ut sure was fun seeing you!!! I need another trip back east soon- it was too much fun!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A bite out of the Big Apple!

Well, in the midst of all our playing, our kiddos were WORN OUT!! SO WONDERFUL Calli and Matt were SUPER sweet and said to us- let us take Hailyn for the day, go play in NY and have fun!! Oh my goodness!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Seriously, you guys are the BEST!!!! They bent over backwards and just made our stay so super fun- you guys are incredible!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYHTING!!! So whjile Hailyn playe dwith Taylin and Dixon (she had WAY more fun with them than she would've had with us anyway) Ryan and I got to go play in NY!!! Calli, Matt, you guys ROCK!!! So, we basically got a TON in during our day trip- we left super early in the 'stang and drove to the NJ ferry. The ferry took us across the Statue of Liberty- the bottom pic shows us getting there- this first pic is at night as we were leaving- the torch just lit up- SO COOL!!!

We got to go see this:

Broadway theatres are small!!! I'm used to Vegas- still the music was fabulous!! 'Come on babe why don't we paint the town- and all that JAZZ!'
and paint the town we did!

The LOVE statue- some sweet girl offered to take the pic for us- she even got out the homeless man sleeping under the L!

Our first stop was ground zero- we went into the memorial store they had and I'm just really glad we started the day off there- it was still an emotional place to be- and I just pray we always remember that day- and what it meant for our country- and God bless all those who lost their lives and fought/fight for us daily! This picture was at station 10 right across the street from ground zero- they had a plaque on the side that stretched the whole block and memorials still up.

This is on top of the rock! rockefeller plaza baby! We even got a pic in front of 30 Rock- I didn't see Tina Fey or Alec Baldwin though- dangit! top of the Rock is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!That's Central Park in the back- we walked around there for a while- it's HUGE!

Empire State Building!

FDNY truck- that's a batcave symbol on the side- how ryan is THAT?


Ground Zero

We also ate at the famous Ray's pizza and also at MAGNOLIA'S- it's a good thing Vegas doens't have a Magnolia's- Ryan and I would eat there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yes, it's THAT good!!!! It was a busy, funfilled day and we absolutely loved our day trip to NYC!!! THanks Calli and Matt- for EVERYTHING!!! I'll post more pics soon- for some reason it's taking my computer forever to upload photos so this may be it for today- we'll see!!!!