Friday, October 30, 2009


I can't believe my baby is ONE YEAR OLD already! yikes- and yes I am JUST getting around to posting these pics- I've been a tad busy- whoops! Time sure flies, and we celebrated in true Tidwell style at one of our favorite places- FUDDRUCKERS- and we were lucky to have lots of family and friends come to celebrate. Beware-there are a LOT of pictures!

Aunt Jen, Uncle Steve, and cousins Nate and Nicole came- yea!!

So did good freinds, Laura, Ryan, Brandi and Seth and Brandon and Sandy. Aunt Em, Ucle Ry, cousins Chance and Mav, and Amber and Pete came too (those pics had issues downloading- I'll try flickr-dang blogger!)

G-Pa Ben and Nana came...

Here's Hailyn's ice cream Sleeping Beauty cake- a huge hit- I think we're going to do an ice cream cake every year- yes, she had two cakes:)
Brandi and I- and lil Gracie:) we are so lucky to have such awesome friends!
Hailyn's birthday outfit- SO CUTE!
She was more interested in eating the 1 birthday candle than the cake...

Celebrating one with Seth- I love her face in this pic!

family shot!
birthday outfit...

Her Tinkerbell cake- and flowers for me! 12 months of motherhood- awwww...:)
Mimzy and Hailyn...

Aunt Melanie stopped by and she got some really fun toys!

tuckered out from partying! this lil girl sure is loved- thank you to everyone who came and celebrated this milestone in Hailyn's life- it sure was a fun party! She sure is a decked out lil lady- she dressed better than me (not for long!) and she also recieved some wonderful toys and a much needed amazing high chair! I just cannot thank everyone enough for all thier love and support of our little girl and our family-we love you all so much!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Time REALLY does fly...

My beautiful daughter is turning ONE on Friday!!! ONE!!! ALREADY????!!! Not to sound cliche but it REALLY feels like yesterday when I was in LABOR for 32 hours (at the hospital people!) after pushing for literally an eternity she was here! Born on 10-9-08-SO COOL! Bringing her home and that special time with her was incredible serene and peaceful- I look at her newborn-ness with a deep love and longing- a special nostalgia- that time was so precious and all it went by all too fast. She will be sitting in a front facing car seat. Her infant-ness is well, gone. But her SWEET, LOVING personality is showing all sorts of new sides- I haven't hit a 'bad; age yet:)

I'm going to be doing a proper birthday post complete with the adorable pics but I just HAD to get it out there! We're celebrating at this awesome place on Friday OCT 9 at 6:15 if anyone would like to come~ mmmmm....burgers with melted cheddar cheese- please insert on my thighs! HA! SO YUMMY! We'd love to see you if you can make it!