Tuesday, March 9, 2010

17 Months

It's official- I am the WORST at uploading pics of my adorable daughter (And our life, ect ect) buuuut it's time- my daughter is now 17 months old! what the? SEEEERIOUSLY???!! When did this HAPPEN?

She goes to nursery in a month!! (GULP!) I know many moms that LOVE it when the kids go to nursery but I am having severe anxiety- yes, I am aware that I am not the first mom to drop her kid off at nursery, but I teach the 4 year olds- and a LOT of them- and it CAN be tricky and if Hailyn needs me and I'm teaching- well the thought is a bit overwheleming. I want kids to be nice to her- but regardless I'm going off on a tangent.

My baby girl is now a little girl- a smart, funny bubbly little girl! (Let me be mommy mushy here for me!) She now blows kisses (SO CUTE!) and she loooves to snuggle! She saw Happy Feet for like two minutes (the part where they dance) and she now does it often- we call it her maniac dance! (and yes we sing the song and think of Chris Farely while we do so!)

She's a picky eater (like her father- much to my dismay) which may explain why my husbnad and daughter are both skinny- that and they have the greatest metabolisms ever- I want one! share please! but she is porking up a bit- I pretty much slather all her food with butter- yup! I do it! and she's allowed to eat all the chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwiches she wants. She laughs- a lot. She has almost ALL of her teeth (almost has the fangs and we're hoping that's it!)

I am reminded of how much of children is nature verses nurture- she is a total mix of both of us it's so fun to see.

We LOVE watching her grow up (but I get sort of sad sometimes) I truly need to hold a newborn. I don't know if it's seeing Hailyn answer questions (and TALK! this girl talks and talks and talks- again like her mother;) and run around and dance, I don't know if it's her going to nursery soon or the fact that 30,000 of my friends currently have newborns but I miiiiss the newborn phase- a lot. It was such a tender precious time and I miss it! but it sure is fun right now and I'm having a BLAST with Hailyn- we haven't hit a tough age yet- it keeps getting to be more and more fun!

Gosh we LOVE her!