Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the Chirstmas Countdown begin!

So, in keeping with my vow to not be a basket case like last Christmas, I kept my promise to be 'more on top of it' this year. I already had the decorations up, a good majority of the shopping done (and wrapped) and addressed Christmas cards today- that's right, this year I'm super on top of things- Christmas wise anyway. In terms of my laundry and picking up toys and clutter, well, that leaves a great deal to be desired.

So all I have left is a few gifts to shop for, assembly and wrapping of said gifts, and put the cards in the mail- and get a few last addresses- if I don't have your address and you would like a Christmas card, please email it to me or leave a comment- that being said I'm excited to 'enjoy' Christmas a little this year...

Let the Christmasing begin!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lucky 13!

Hailyn is 13 months (plus) old now and she is a BLAST! Along with her 'mowgali crawl' where she walks with her butt in the air, her, gimpy army crawl where she drags one leg behind her this girl is a bonafide walker (ok, maybe not bonafide, but she walks like 50% of the time!) and she CLIMBS on everything and FAST! LIKE REALLy FAST! She also has a rock climbing grip (we learned this when she was hanging on the edge of the dryer- such a daredevil!) and this girl TALKS! 'Hi mama' is her newest sentence:) and she loves to wave and say 'hi hi hi' (yesterday she SHOUTED it to the man sitting behins us in church and he grinned- Hailyn was in HEAVEN!) This little cutie pie keeps us on our toes because she loooooves to climb and explore everything like no one year old I have ever seen, but she is the sweetest thing ever. She just LOVES other kids (hope that sticks for future family planning!) she is so easy, so mellow, so content, so funny, so smart, so clever, so happy. She is the sweetest little girl we could have ever asked for, and I love to see her growing and learning something new everyday. She is still a tall skinny thing. Maybe one of these days I'll get on my game and post videos and more pics, but for today, i'm going to enjoy my little explorer!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Surviving November...

A few random tidbits...

yes I still need to post Hailyn Halloween pictures- I've been too lazy to download them. There I said it. I am using this blog as mainly a guide for 'to on-line scrapbook later.

You see I used to keep all my pictures in a file box to scrapbook- I am finishing up high school now- yes- seven years, two college degrees, a marraige, a child and a career later, I am now finishing up senior year in HIGH SCHOOL! I go a million miles an hour- and if something doesn't just strike my attention, then well it goes on the back burner. So this blog is merely to remind myself to hey- compile that later Lacie! Good thought indeed- at least Hailyn will have some record of her life! My goal is by Christmas to get my scrapbooking (online of course, I can't deal with gluesticks and paper cutters anymore). We'll see how I do.

To be fair, life has been CRAZY busy- like insanely busy. I'll spare you most of the details for now but it is NUTS-anyhow I have an insane goal on top of raising my daughter nearly on my own, teaching, callings, normal life stuff to finish and polish my novel. End of november. Possible? Yes! Will it get done? Er yes! Wish me luck- I hope I survive November...