Friday, August 28, 2009

Because I know you all care so much...

It finally happened. I almost didn't belive it WOULD happen- but the Montessori materials I ordered nearly a month ago have FINALLY arrived!I PROMISE I will post pictures of my classroom soon-but I thought I'd give you a preview of the BEAUTIFUL materials that I recieved...

The geometric solids- found in the sensorial section of the classroom, beautiful, blue solids where children learn, well, three dimensional shapes...this is exactly how mine look- GORGEOUS!

These are numeral rods- they teach the basic concept of gradation, size, and quanitity (this IS one) it's found in math...

This is the trinomial cube- the binomial cube come first- but they are on backorder- sigh...but it's found in sensorial and it is pre-algebraic- a+b=c concept...

Beautiful knobless cylinders- they teach size, volume, diameter, and gradation- again found in the sensorial area of the classroom it is a pre-math work. It goes along with the knobbed cylinders, which sadly I cannot afford. Anyone have an extra $90?

The moveable alphabet, found in the language section- after children master thier sounds, they use the alphabet to write words- it's brillant- absolutely brilliant...

Constructive boxes! Again found in sensorial these teach shapes and size. Like everything in the Montessori classroom, it progresses from the concrete to the very abstract- simple to complex.

Sadly my pink tower, binomial cube, continet world puzzle map and control map did not come yet. With how they ship, it could be a while. I have to use Adena Montessori,sadly, budgeting is a big issue for me, especially starting out. I still have to order many more supplies, such as this and this

nd many other things- too many to list. So I am praying that money wise it works out, and am really prioritizing what I need right away...

I PROMISE as soon as I find my camera charger I will take pictures and download them of the classroom- it really is looking fabulous (even if I am missing my favorite work, the pink tower

Along with my fantasy wish list- maybe Santa will come early this year?
(Note to self: fantasy wish list: C030,C040,C060,C070,Co80, C081,C094,C095,C161,C182,C207,C208,C216,D022,G005,G210,A010, A1011, A020

Then there's this amazing site...

I could max out my credit card here so easily.

On that note, it is time for me to search deperately for my camera charger and keep chippin' away until someday I have all the materials I need. I have enough to start with Monday- and that's a huge blessing.

I am so grateful and appreciative for everyone's offer to help, for donations people have made, and encouragement everyone has given me. As our schedules and lives are super crazy busy, it is so comforting to know I have love and support, and boy do I need it. I cannot thank everyone enough! I am so grateful to you all, and I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for believing in me as I take on this brilliant, and slightly crazy idea of opening a Montessori preschool. Thank you for letting me share a bit about Montessori with you.

Wish me luck! I promise pictures to come- (the classroom really does look awesome!)
Love you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Success!

I buy clock radio...he cannot afford...great success! Ok just a little quote from a hilarious favorite movie of mine! haha!

But really the Open House went amazingly well! I got to meet some amazing children and thier parents, and I am SO excited about the school year ahead.

I think (I HOPE!) my parents and other wonderful people who came got to see what I'm actually doing. I converted my entire downstairs into a classroom. Literally, the whole downstairs, and it is nearly as big as my classroom was when I taught at a private school here in the valley. I also hope they came away with a better understading of the Montessori method and why it is successful. This preschool is unqiue, and after seeing it first hand, I hope my parents got a feel for what I will be doing next year- a truly unique educational experience!

I am like my friend Janssen, who won't post pics until everything is situated (which is why I have yet to post pics of my house- ha ha! soon!:) My materials were supposed to be here on by Thursday- the day of the Open House- it got postponed until WEDNESDAY! So I posted pics of the materials I ordered and placed them on the shelves- and my parents and students were so understanding and so supportive!

I feel truly blessed to have such amazing kids and parents- and I have to thank everyone for their love, support, donations, offers of help, encouraging words during meltdown moments, and all and all people who believe in me, and believe in what I'm doing. I am truly grateful to you all, and I am so lucky to have you in my life!

So I promise, once those materials arrive I WILL be posting pictures of the classroom.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today's the day! The school debut! It's the first annual Southern Heights Montessori School Open House/Meet and Greet. Interested parents should come! Enrolled students can come see thier new classroom. It's going to be an exciting night, and I am so excited to bring the Montessori method to more children.

Despite the fact that a majority of my Montessori materials may not arrive until Monday- like they always say...the Show must go on! I will set up my classroom to the best oof my abilities!

So come tonight if you are interested! It's at my home at 6pm- leave a comment or email me if you need directions! See you there!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just around the corner...

Tomorrow is the school debut! The preschool is hosting it's first annual OPEN HOUSE! It is tomorrow at my house at 6pm for any interested parents... (let me know and I'll give you the address, ect.)

The classroom is coming along...I am STILL waiting for the box of Montessori materials I ordered from Adena- and I'm starting to get a little panicked they won't be here on time. Tomorrow is the latest they should be here, but I wanted them today at the latest, a day to set up, observe my classroom, ect. I just pray they are here by tomorrow, just so I can show off the coolest teaching cirriculum on the planet! Pray they get here today!

It has been interesting setting up my classroom, juggling the sales in corralation with paydays, with what is donated- it has been interesting! There are still many supplies I need, my classroom is halfway set up, and there is still a lot of paperwork and cleaning to do. I am excited to host the school's first Open House...I'm also a wreck to host it! Pray that I make it through this alive...(and that I get my materials today!) Wish me luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009

In the Swing of Things...

The preschool is coming along! My Relief Society presidency stopped by last night and they were super awesome and didn't judge the state of my house- I told them a preschool is in the works and my house should be ready to go by Thursday OPEN HOUSE DAY! I am just PRAYING my materials make it here in time for it! I am VERY nervous about that. Anyhow, I just had to update all you faithful blog readers and tell you about the progress.

I have recieved AMAZING support from some friends! I was able to get all of my mats, trays, tweezers, tongs, spoons and other accesories from a donation through one awesome friend (again, praying PRAYING they get here by Wednesday!)

Others have donated books, games, art supplies, and some other materials that will greatly benefit these children (thank you thank you thank you!)

Yesterday I even got an amazing easel! I have been itching for an easel, but $200 for an easel right now. Simply impossible. One of my former parents who I ran into the other day donated an amazing easel her kids no longer use along with books, tactile letters, math counting games and some langauge building materials. I was dancing I was so excited- seriously! This is such a HUGE releif!

I still have a few donations to pick up as well, including two table desk witing tops that are going to be amazing, more art supplies, and various other things. I am SO grateful to everyone for their generosity, love and support as I carry out this ambitious task of opening a preschool, singlehandedly, with no money, while my husband is insanely busy- is it crazy? yes, slightly- but who would I be if I didn't do something 'crazy'- after all- Einstein was considered slightly crazy too- but I'm far from Einstein:) So all you donaters (yes you get a tax break;) are also enablers-aiding in my madness- and I am forever grateful to have such wonderful people who love and care about me (and this school) THANK YOU!

The standard Montessori classroom typically costs at LEAST $7000 to set up. I am setting it up for maybe 1/10 of that- and that's even a stretch right now. I've been counting on people's generosity and thier need to 'clean out the closets' or donate $5, $10, $20 ect here and there- it makes a huge difference! There are still some things the school needs and if you have them in your home or are willing or able to donate anything listed below please let me know. Your generosity is greatly GREATLY appreciated. We still need:

2 square ziploc tupperware containers
a tub of brown modeling clay
washable paint in a variety of colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple)
colored pencils
writing pencils
electric pencil sharpener
construction paper in a variety of colors (red, blue, orange, black, green, purple, yellow, pink, ect.)
art supplies: paper plates, googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, glitter, sequence, gemstones, beads, mini bells
Tissue paper
games (hi ho cherry-o, candyland ect. for after school activites)

Please let me know if you are willing to donate any of these items to the school. Again,I greatly appreciate all the support and generosity you guys have shown me! Thank you!

PS I will post pictures soon of the classroom, as soon as my materials arrive!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Granted- not everything in life is supposed to be easy or fun- I CERTAINLY know that feeling.

But after going through the ordeal with our house, other paperwork, ect and learning HOW to get things done- I mean READING the contracts and fighting tooth and nail to get things 'justly done' I am WIPED OUT- but I am becoming a somewhat amateaur-pro- if that makes any sense. I am learning 'loopholes' and the injustices of Countrywide, credit card agencies ect- and I am starting to come out on top. But I am worn out- this goes beyond typical 'just paying bills' decorum- it is writing letters, making calls and putting on the bulls horns- and I've think I've nearly mastered it- a psuedo lawyer if you will.

Well now my next endeavor is to apply for grants for the school. Now, I love grants- the Pell grant along with some scholarships paid for my education. The process of applying for them was annoying to me at the time- it is NOTHING compared to writing an educational business grant. Now, I hate filling out W2 forms- it's tedious and boring to me- but a necessary evil for sure.

I hate this even more. I now know why more people don't apply for grants- they don't want to put themselves through this hellish ordeal. I'm halfway through one application and I want to gouge my eyes out just for some entertainment- mostof it is I just don't know what they want me to write- its a foreign language- even for an English major! ahhh!

Maybe I'll survive this process and get a little seed money to get supplies- maybe I'll just start a bikini car wash to fundraise- any volunteers willing to wash cars?

Wish me luck- I pray I make it through this alive...

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ten months ago (yesterday) I was in the hospital, holding with one arm my sweet little 8lb bundle of awesomeness. Yesterday she turned ten months old- double didgits here people- TWO WHOLE HANDS! She's officially in the double digits with the months and I feel like it's slipping by too fast. But just when I think she can't get any cuter- BAM! SHE DOES! Some adorable cute things she does now are:

She eats GROWN UP food- like what Ryan and I eat for dinner- I still give her jars, but she's definately more interested in what we're eating- ever since she stole that french fry at Fuddruckers she's like- 'wait, this is so much better than the stuff I get- let me at 'em!' She likes: papa johns pepporoni pizza, chocolate mufffins from Costco, powdered donuts,ice cream, milkshakes, DIET COKE (thanks Paps-ha!)Dr. Pepper (thanks mom! ha!)cake, watermelon, strawberries, occasionally pickles, canteloupe, pasta, FIREHOUSE (she is so our child!) and of course Fudd's and pretty much anything else we give her as long as she can gum it and mash it well. She has a sweet tooth- don't know where she gets that from (ha!) She is a great eater- and she packs it away!

She loves to swim and therefore loves bathtime

She talks like nobody's business- she's moved fro saying 'a-da' to daddee (with a lil zip on the end' mama, shooz (shoes), hapeee (again with the zip at the end), up, puppy, baby, and yesterday in church she said pleeze and thak ewww(I'm going to go on a limb and say she was saying 'thank you') but please WAS clear. I've been asked- how is she so verbal- well have you met her mom? ha! I talk all the time- she gets it from me!

She is (knock on wood) such a sweet, easy going baby! We set up a high chair that clamps onto the counter top for her in library, give her some snacks and she smiles and greets all the members coming in for materials- we call her the assistant librarian. She sits by our feet and just plays quietly in church- I PRAY my next one has a similar temperament- she is so easy going and easy!The only time she is unhappy is when she is cutting a tooth

She has such a funny personality! She laughs loud- and cute! She's already a social butterfly- and she loves to greet everyone

I maintain she's going to be a dancer- she is STILL crazy felxible, and she likes to dance like crazy

Remember a couple of months ago when she did the 'rhino' (breathing while her nose was scrunched up?) now she clicks her tongue- a lot and its FUNNY! Mimzy (Ryan's mom) taught her and she does it ALL the time!

She's already walkiing just holding our fingers barely- I give it a few weeks until she is full on walking- and then she'll be on the move...and I'll be in trouble-ha! she's quick!
She is so sweet and so fun- she has seven teeth now, almost eight- probably this week

I could never imagine how WELL she just FITS with us! She is SUCH a blast- I know I keep saying that but she keeps getting funnier and cuter everyday! I dreaded ten months only because she's not going to be my 'baby' much longer- she's already eating toddler foods- but it is SO FUN- ten months old ROCKS!!!!

Fun note- she shared her ten month mark with her Uncle Steve's birthday yesterday (the 9th) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle Steve! Hailyn LOOOOOOOVES her uncle Steve- and so do we!
And yes- I will post pictures soon! I'm lame I know- still can't find my camera I have a LOT of pics but no cord:(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The strength of three men

So I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. I always thought when I wans't working 50 hours a week and I was finished with school I would have all this free time. HA! Motherhood has proved me wrong! I work 24/7, don't get 'sick' days, and still maintain the roles of menu planner 'chef' (in the looser sense of the word, I make sure food gets on the table;) chauffer, laundress (my new term for laundry maiden) accountant (which right now is a juggling act I've nearly perfected_ and an acitvist against robbers (Aka Countrywide;) all while finishing my novel that I am writing- yes I am writing a novel- it's always been a goal of mine to write a novel, and OPENING up a preschool.

To put things in perspective, On Three Men and a Baby- it took THREE men just to raise ONE child- well la de da- a woman (at least this one) has the strength of THREE men and 15 other fulltime jobs. Not to toot my own horn but I feel a lot like Wonder Woman with all the craziness I'm going through- yes I am aware it's self inflicted.

But I like being insanely busy- I always have enjoyed having a TON on my plate- and polishing it off one at a time!

Oh- and working out to lose the last 15 lbs- hooorah to me for making it this far- still a ways to go.

So I'm NEARLY there! I'll keep you posted on my crazy endeavors- right now the goal is to order a bunch of materials and get more shelves(crazy story- huge sigh!) with no dinero- we shall see how that pans out.

My classroom is looking awesome by the way-I'll post pics soon- and I am hosting an Open House on Aug. 20 at 6pm for interested parents- let me know if you want details!

Wish me luck as I knock this all out!