Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 month to go...

Before the TERRIBLE TWO'S HIT (disclaimer: I truly believe they have arrived early folks- there are nay-sayers out there but I am truly convinced Hailyn has entered the 'dreaded two's)

Seriously, wasn't she JUST born (ok you may be tired of me asking that question but in my mind,m she really was just born yesterday. Wasn't she JUST the size of a sack of flour- maybe a bit bigger- she was 8.4- regardelss this full fledged little GIRL will be two in just a month (and two days, techinaclity- if I waited I'd forget!)

People who say you don't know a baby's personality til later on are full of bologna! I KNEW Hailyn was a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde complex personality and sure enough, it's becoming even more and more evident. When she is sweet (which really is most of the time, it's about 80% these days) there isn't a sweeter child on the planet. Then a flip switches and BAM!!! She turns into babyzilla wrecking havoc on all around her. It's the sweet, good times that save me when the monster comes around (20% of the time). Heres a bit of what our monkey is up to...

*She counts! She can count to three on her own and we practice counting to ten. She LOVES to hold my hand and Ryan's hand walking somehwere and count one, two three and sure enough she gets to be swung up in the air- SO FUN! Once she learned we'll do that when she counts to three, she practices coutning QUITE A BIT!!! Haha- what a ham.

- She's a touch OCD- since this runs in my family (my biological dad) I am slightly curious how this is going to play out- for right now she LOVES lining her animal crackers EXACTLY in a line- or any food. It's a perfect line too folks. As long as this is her only quirk I'm, ok. I want her to be normal. Make messes, clean them up for sure but I want my kid to play in the dirt, not be worried about her clothes, scrap her knees, ect. The sort of tom-boyish childhood I had:) (Oh she CAN help clean up though;) I'll encourage that!)

- She DOES listen pretty well. She follows simple instructions and is pretty obedient.

- We're working on prayers with her- tricky since she isn't even two but we're getting there

-Ms. Independent LOVES to pick out her own clothes- and she now picks out my shoes too! In fact It's safe to say we spend 1/2 our day putting hsoes on and off...

- She LOOOOVES music- songing dancing, shaking her groove thang. We knew this early on. Ryan's sister (we oftern call Hailyn mini ky ky) is very musical and so we're sorta not surprised, we'll see what happens.

- She LOVES to take care of her baby dolls! It makes me REALLY REALLY want another baby (no no, announceent folks, I assure you) but I keep telling her she'll be an amazing big sister SOMEDAY!

- She's still a fairly good traveler, does pretty well still in movies, ok, in restaurants, ect. We keep dragging her these places, it seems to instill how she should behave (of course snacks and toys help occupy her;)

- she's still SKINNY! we took her to the doc a while ago for an ear infection and I was SO excited when they said 23.4 lbs! WAHOO! Those mcdonalds hamburgers are poaying off (why can't I have her metabolism?)

- She had a tumbling class and a gymboree class over the summer and she LOVED it- and I mentione dit beofre but this girl has inherited her Mimzy's gyumnastics skills! She can walk on the balance beam PERFECTLY (Mimzy's BEST event;) and she climbs on EVERYTHING- at the park she'll climb the highest she can go and jump all over- FEARLESS kid! I'm not surprised though;)

-It's SO much fun hearing her talk more and more...

- She is SUCH A daddy's girl. She runs to him when he gets home from work and cries when he leaves- so sad. I need to get a pic of that.

She is our love bug. No longer our short stack (she's TALL!), our little monkey, my lil munchkin. Even though she is a big girl, a shameless flirt, she will always be my baby girl. Love you baby!