Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year... a NEW resolution!

ok, I am OFFICIALLY horrible at updating my blog- and considering this is our 'family journal' well, with how little I update it, it's an abomination! So, one of my new year's resolutions is to update our family history a little bit better... soooo in the spirit of 'catching up' and the fact that I need to download a million pictures from my iphone to the computer... here are some pictures of this little beauty at dance class!

She goes once a week (during naptime- so on mondays- we don't nap!) but she LOVES it! A friend of mine Stephanie from our old ward (we miss you Southern Highlands ward!) teaches and she is AMAZING! Hailyn LOVES it and not to brag she has a killer turnout and she practices all the time at home :) I always said I wouldn't force my kids to do an activity but she loves it and it's just fun! Life as usual has been CRAZY! I have a million pictures and updates to do- maybe one a day til I get caught up- wouldn't THAT be revolutionary?! I also need to PRINT THIS BLOG and make it into a book- thoughts on how to do that? In the meantime I am going to go work on my work website (oiy!) and get Hailyn ready for preschool as we leave in 40 minutes and we are both still in pajamas...