Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More is coming...

Ok, I have THE cutest pictures of Hailyn to date yet and some other awesome fun posts but I am not posting ANYTHING else until Hailyn gets some more of your votes- she's neck and neck with only ONE other baby and I seriosuly think she can win- but not without your votes! PLEASE vote (you can hit 'pass' or 'skip') on all the offers- I did- PLEASE vote you guys! If she pulls ahead in the lead- I'll post some awesome pics! Thanks guys! (link is below!)


We always knew- Hailyn had rhythem since the day she was born- she always gave us the two fingers down 'rock on' symbol, and she LOVES loud music- when she would start crying in the car, we threw on some AKON, or Justin Timberlake, or Avril (she LOVES Avril) and she'll start talking- we call it 'singing' along. She loves heavy beats- well, now this scientific study proves what we already had a hunch about...
Newborns' brain activity was being monitered while heavy beats were playing and here is the 'meat' of the study...

When "metrically-unimportant portions" of the beat were silenced, nothing much changed among the auditory-related activity in the brain, Honing said. But when the rhythm was disturbed, particularly by omitting the downbeat, the infant brain responded with an error signal: An expectation for a rhythmic pattern was not met.

"A baby's auditory system is working the same way as an adult's, in that it is always making predictions," Winkler said. If the prediction is incorrect, an error signal helps gauge "how much you are off the actual target," he said.
This picture PROVES it!

This is her auditioning for American Idol when the CD skipped- watch out (this was the day after we brought her home from the hospital)
All we have to say is keep rockin' on Hailyn (we know you will)and we'll keep playing Pink, Avril, Alycia Keyes, and whomever else you feel like singin to!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hailyn needs your votes!!!

Hailyn entered a baby photo contest- it was nealry impossible to pick the photo- but here it is! She needs you vote- to vote- go here:

Thanks for your votes!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

For your entertainment...

Because many have asked, some pics of the sweetest little baby on the planet!

She is sportin' a diaper...:)

She's really into eating her bibs

Enjoying tummy time on the sweet quilt my friend Tona just sent her

The shirt says it all:)

She sleeps anywhere...

Hailyn is like her dad and can fall asleep anywhere...take a look:
Ok, so this is her sucking her two middle fingers... a trademark

The flash woke her... but she crashed in her bumbo...

Nothing like a sunday afternoon nap (except this was on our way to church!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No 8?

American Kennel Society has named this as the no. 8 breed out of the top ten

I beg to differ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Finale...

ok, so I have finished my lemonade diet! YAHOO!!Ten whole days of just lemonade and water- yeah- So I have gotten a LOT of questions about the diet that I'm happy to answer:
- I have not taken any additional vitamins- the lemonade (well, the syrup) provdes all the vitamins you need (aside from my iron which I am SO anemic- and I only felt I needed to take it twice- usually I take it everyday)
-I have not had additional food- the lemonade is actually quite filling
-yeah you can work out on it- I didn't and I still lost weight- but if you feel up to it- go for it!
-Yes the lemonade is water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Grade B syrup and I took cayenne pills which meant the taste of the lemonade was not bad at ALL
- I make a days worth and carry it in a jug and drink that throughout the day- and have three to four cayenne pills
- Yeah, it is healthy- I am a person that really analyzes what is healthy- ect. I have never jumped on board with 'fad diets' and all that- but this is different- it is a cleanse- not intended for weight loss although it does drop the lbs b/c of what you carry in your intestines for years
- I did it b/c I figured if I can go without liquids or food for 32 hours in labor I can have just liquids for ten days- and it's kick starting smaller portions for me and healthier choices- it trained my stomach
- Yes, you still go to the bathroom on the diet (ya know, no 2) a LOT actually, the diet cleans out your intesitnal system and the crap you carry around for years in there
- I am not anorexic- I love food WAY too much
- I felt a little crummy the first two days- I seriosuly felt the toxins clearing out of me, then I felt fine- then I felt GREAT
- I still have energy
-I did lose weight (thanks for noticing:)- 10.8 lbs thus far!)
- the first three days were the hardest
- I miss eating- but learned I can live without it-meaning beign smarter with WHAT I eat- I even survived my favorites this week- Yummy Chinese food, Elephant Bar, mall food court- it taught me to examine my eating habits- eating in front of the tv- eating while bored- rewarding myself- I don't need to do it and will adopt healthier eating habits form now on
- I have trained my stomach now- smaller, healthier portions throughout the day and more frequently
- I am now coming off the cleanse this way: OJ all day thursday, OJ all day but a broth soup with potatoes, carrots and celery for dinner friday and saturday OJ, lunch soup again, then a salad with veggies for dinner- then sunday I'm good to go on food again!
- yes, it was hard- I had a sponser- which I recommend- it is not for the faint hearted!
- I freakin love this cleanse!
(But I am glad it's over! HA!)
-I did it! It taught me that I DO have self- discipline and self control and I can literally do ANYTHING!
If you have any other questions about the cleanse let me know- I'm happy to answer them! Thank you to everyone who was supportive of me during this!You guys rock!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the Making...

Today was a historic day- President Barack Obama was sworn in as President of our fine country. The inauguration speech was overall captivating (and it was refreshing to hear a speech full of metaphors and rich with detailed description, I have to admit). What a time, we elect our first black president the day after MLK day- it's amazing how far we have come as a nation! Times are tough for lots of us right now (us included) and Obama's speech was for the most part encouraging. I just feel blessed to live in a country where I have rights and freedoms, afforded to us by the brave men and women who serve our nation. God bless them, God bless the leaders of our nation- may our rights remain in tact and we will be led with a thoughtful mind.

History in the making- and I'm alive for it- that's pretty exciting!

Get yourself to Dillard's or Macy's-STAT!

Oh happy day! Went shopping and found out Dillard's and Macy's are giving away stuff- LOTS of stuff for FREE! YEAH! TODAY ONLY! I got this
(Calvin Klein Euphoria Bath and Shower Creme)

and this
(Vera Wang Princess Shower Gel)

Yup, Lacome had a law suit settlement and I recieved the benefits- quick get to the mall NOW and claim your free stuff! YEAH! (They had A LOT to choose from- Clinique, Dior, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vera Wang- and lots of differnt things- moisturizers, mascaras, lotions- GOOD STUFF-EXPENSIVE stuff!) but you can only get one- that's why I went to both Dillard's and Macy's) GO GET YOUR GOODIES!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Five and Still Alive...barely

Ok, so I'm at the halfway mark with this cleanse- sigh! Yeah! I made it halfway! I really appreciate all the encouragement (and continued encouragement!) from all you wonderful people! It helps A LOT!

So if I make it through this weekend- I made it a week- and then I'm in the homestretch- that's how I'm breaking this down. So far it helps break up the ten days.

Now, if I could just get Hailyn to sleep through the night like she used to! At about four weeks she made it through the night- the second she started teething- whoa! Her biological clock is set at 2 am exactly. It doesn't matter if I feed her at nine at night or at eleven. HUGE sigh. It's mean to her mommy mentally to have her sleep through the night and then take it away! It all happened the minute she started teething. I put baby orajel on before bed- or motrin and yet 2am on the button she's up. Last night Ryan and I decided to let her 'cry it out' thinking it would last 45 minutes max- nope! My screaming angel lasted three hours- I then caved- I have limits too! HUGE sigh! I don't know how to 'unstick' her biological clock except let her scream it out- and try to push the time back as far as I can. I KNOW she can make it through the night-she's done it up until now (which is a mean teaser to me- seriously!) I know it takes about three days to est. a new routine- so this makes for a fun weekend-poor Ryan at work today! He can barely stand he's so tired! Anyhow- any thoughts? Any encouragement(on the diet and the sleep?)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When life hands you lemons.. MAKE LEMONADE!

Say what? Well, let me explain... I am on the lemonade diet. Yes you heard me correctly, the lemonade diet. Due to health reasons and a future doc appointment I'd like to go well, I am doing the lemonade cleanse...for ten days. Yes, you read right ten days. Here's what my day consists of: drinking my salt water 'cleanse' , making my 'lemonade' which is water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and ah ha- cayenne. I make a days batch and drink that as my 'meals'. I also drink all the water I want and I can also have mint tea. At first I was skeptical about this but guess what? I am on DAY THREE and have lost five- yes FIVE lbs. Now, I am not doing this to lose weight (although it is a WONDERFUL perk!) but to cleanse myself of toxins in my body. Everyone says that after day three it is easier- we'll see. I'm not going to lie- when I see AMAZING comercials for Reese's peanut butter cups (my fav) or any food- anything- I feel a hunger pain. But I figure- hey, if I can give birth after being in labor for thirty two hours in the hospital with NO food- I can do this! I do hope it gets easier... but I've made it this far. Now, I am avoiding going to Costco because I LOVE thier pizza- avoid temptation- only one more week to go!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hailyn's Baby Blessing

Hailyn Brenlee Tidwell was blessed by her father on Sunday December 28th 2008. It was a lovely blessing, and we were very fortunate that so many friends and family were able to make it- thanks again you guys! Some had to shlep across town in the crazy traffic, others came from out of state, and some ducked out of church early to be there (again- thank you guys!)It was last minute, and we appreciate the effort you gave in coming! We are so lucky to have such supportive family and friends- those who were able to be there and those who were there in spirit! Love to all of you!

Anyhow, I, in the spirit of my 'spring cleaning' escapade, couldn't find my camera the day of the blessing- we were already running late- just one of those days- again- I'm glad people did show up with their cameras- and for Laura to being the only person thus far who got me the pictures she took- thanks again Laura (oh and happy anniversary tomorrow- FOUR years! YEAH!) Anyhow, here are the pictures she got of the day (warning- picture overload- I'm obssessed with my daughter:)
Here's Ryan and Laura with Laura's mom Malana and her sister Paige- close friends of ours- love you guys!

Here is Hailyn in her Bumbo- looking like a giant cupcake:)

Cute closeup! She looks like an angel- she should be on top of a Christmas tree!

My cranky little angel

Ryan's family (I still need a copy of my side of the fam)

Ryan's extended family...

Our little family

Our little diva!

Her dress... isn't it beautiful? Ryan's grandma 'Grammy' got it for her- she looks like a sweet little angel

If any one esle has any other pictures of the day- send them my way! I'm a space cadet and am kicking myself I didn't have my camera- so if you get a chance- please send them over! Thanks again to all who took time out of thier day to be there. It was a wonderful blessing, she was blessed with the wisdom to discern good and evil and to find a worthy man to go to the temple with and to grow in love in the gospel. I'm so grateful to have a beautiful daughter who I am just SO in love with and a WONDERFUL man who I'm also in love with and to share eternity with- I am truly blessed!