Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hailyn turns 4! (and updates)

I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with my blog these days! SO much has happened- we moved, I started a business, two kids... Hailyn in preschool... it's insane! But wonderful... This little miss
Ok, so here's little miss turning four- and a family pic of the four of us- to show we are here too:) haha! Hailynn at 4 is AWESOME!I want to freeze both kids at this age and just keep them this little. We did a taco night for her and then another celebration at Aunt Jen's house complete with in n out and cupcakes and toys galore (Jen spoils us:) and Mimzy got Hailyn some sweet clothes (my kid is dressed super well in the winter months:) We plan to take her to a movie (Frankenweinee or Hotel Transylvania) this week too. LOVE this baby girl... Silas is six months old and melts my heart every day! EVERYONE notices how HAPPY he is- he is just happy- all the time! I love it! Plus he snuggles me a lot! He is into carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, he will eat pears and applesauce but those aren't his favorites- he also doesn't like peaches:) He is SO my kid! haha!He has been teething FOREVER and we are waiting for them to show through... Watching Hailyn and Silas together is the sweetest thing in the world- if he cries, she goes over and comforts him and he starts smiling at her! I swear this baby RARELY cries- he is so GOOD! Just a GOOD baby! So lucky! I love BOTH my babies like CRAZY! Ryan is good- he is in school right now too so we see him maybe one day a week... it's bananas. Excited for December to come just to ease up a bit. He's serving in scouts now and loves it! I started my own business selling skinny wraps and I swear I am MEANT to do this- these products- this wrap- changed my body and my life- LOVING it! I have been traveling, wrapping, partying, working out, having conference calls... making money! we are hoping to buy our dream house soon:) loving it! loving life! I promise I will be better with updates... up next... HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life with two kids...

Everyone has bee asking me 'how is life now with two kids?' I honestly don't know HOW to answer that... See we have been on fast forward mode since Hailyn was born... moving then (ugh) a short sale (ugh) a new career for Ryan, me opening a school and working with H beside me for three years... it was tiring... to say the least... So having little man here, we immediately started to look for a more affordable home so I WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORK!!! (YAY!!!) then right as we moved Ryan's little sister Kylee got married and well I went into wedding planning mode (yuuuup!) So after three am feedings I was trying to finish favors for the shower and unpack a box... But sleep deprivation? I've done it for YEARS so I was trained for that... multitasking? BRING IT I am super great at that too (not to brag but hey I can't sew or cook so I need SOMETHING people) Honestly adjusting to the new ward is the hardest part for me. They are great and I know some people- I just really really really miss my old ward...and stake... a lot... I'm sure when we finally meet the bishop and people it'll be good- I am nervous there is a nursery teacher vacancy... Now we are in June... it is still busy... but oh my I LOVE life with two kids!!! It helps Silas is a super sweet easy baby... I'm so smitten with him it's not even funny- and Hailyn is an amazing big sister- that helps a ton!! Also Silas only scoots right now- I am sure when he is a toddler I will be singing a different song... So I never had a chance to 'adjust' to life with just one really, Hailyn was always around kids, so having two is pretty manageable (for me) so I am happy with two for now... hope that sticks :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

throw a wedding in the mix...

Wow, in true 'Lacie' fashion let me update my blog... once a month. Sheesh I need to be better about it (especially since this is the only family 'journaling' I do) yaoza- family history... scrapbooking... yep should get on that... except life has been truly INSANE! from my last blog post that was a short novel, life has been crazy. We moved and all, our anniversary (Panda and packing, we DID get to go out later though:) moving and then I planned Ryan's little sister's wedding... yep. In all the craziness let's toss a wedding in there:) so why did I plan it? Ryan's mom is yw presidnet and camp director basically and she was SWAMPED with things- it was a super short engagement (She got engaged when Silas was born- well that weekend before)I said 'hey I'll plan your wedding!!' thinking it would be in September...(not to brag but I am a great planner- thank you student council) nope- MAY!! ok then!! oh have I mentioned I love this girl? a ton! I wanted her to have a wonderful and beautiful day... so as we celebrated our anniversary date- I went to walmart at 11pm to buy stuff for her bridal shower the next day. Up at five am feeding Silas and making bridal shower games and favors... so sleepy. Then the wedding planning craziness ensued. There was a dress fiasco. She borrowed my friend's dress and it fit perfectly no alterations! It looked amazing!! We borrowed a chandelier-we borrowed uplights- Ryan built a gazebo- one friend ran the chocolate fountain and the other catered. Another friend took pictures- despite her having the flu... (she loves me) I have amazing friends. The day was beautiful... it was the best sealing I had ever been to- yep ours the sealer kept calling Ryan Aaron- pretty sure ryan and I aren't even married... So I still have three boxes to unpack and my house needs some organizing... but wow- I am pretty amazed we accomplished this feat- a move- anniversary- 30th birthday- mother's day- Silas's baby blessing (on mothers day:) and a wedding- oh and a newborn... I hope the summer is mellow..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Wow, life as of lately... insane. Absolutely CRAZY!!! And it's not the two kid thing- that's been pretty manageable (sure there are a few scarce moments they both cry but overall THAT'Sa piece of cake... The day we brought Silas home I had books- at my door ready to ship (I also have to tweak some things actually it's a whole ordeal and get the website up and I haven't had a spare second to breath) so that is a whole enchilada right there... then there's the newborn- I SHOULD just be spending all of this precious time snuggling him and loving on him yes? It's flying by- lack of sleep- I'm used to it. Really the two kids and one newborn thing isn't so bad (for me- knock on wood)It's this extra stuff called life... then we moved. Out of the house we have been in three years and thought we would stay in til we bought. When we had Silas we both felt I should stop working so the preschool got packed up and we offloaded thousands of dollars in materials. So packing a whole house and a school was umm a lot. Plus we purged a ton. It was hard to get my teacher brain to let go but watching episodes of hoarders helped a lot(my biggest fear and no I am REALLY good at throwing stuff out it is a phobia I still have- I like simplicity and organization) TANGENTS! Sorry! But yes, our entire downstairs we filled with donate and trash and it felt amazing. It was hard to let go of some teaching materials because Hailyn is at that age but I justified super important stuff to keep and realized my three year old doesn't need EVERYTHING. So yeah packing was a huge ordeal as we took breaks to feed the baby purge and pack. Oh FINDING a house- a nightmare. I REALLY wanted to stay in our amazing ward, but the ONE house we found (and was PERFECT I could've lived there 30 years renting no joke I would've been fine!) got taken 5 minutes before we got to it. We had no luck. Oh on a note...we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on april 24!!! We spent it eating panda express and packing like crazy (moving day was thursday). On friday we did sneak out for a movie and dinner (and then errands to run... more on that in a minute)so yeah we are in our new house we can afford now that it's a one income family :) and we LOVE it! The layout is amazing! If it was a three car garage and a bigger backyard I'd stay here forever no joke- The house... has two masters- one upstairs one downstairs. We claimed the downstairs. At first I wanted my babies close to me but Hailyn is sleeping SO much better now! She has the biggest room in the house and a bathroom attached to her room- potty training DREAM!! There is a HUGE closet all her toys go in so our house is no longer over ran with toys like the old house and there is a loft so she can watch a little einsteins or a movie and we can be downstairs (it sounds like she is never around us I assure you that isn't the case. It's just an awesome layout and she loves it and so do we!) Silas is still close by so that isn't an issue and the house is small enough (really for me the perfect size especially for cleaning) that we can hear him easily (and hello monitors) it's awesome... we still have a ton of boxes to unpack windows to cover, kids rooms to put together addresses to change.... bills to pay... life to live... insane THEN I said I would plan Ryan's little sister's wedding. To be fair I thought she would get married in like Sept. NOPE! MAy 26. For reals. So the errand running we did on our anniversary date was me getting stuff (so last minute) for her shower. So the sat after we moved I lost a day to her bachelorette and bridal shower. It was a blast!! But wow I was exhausted. Three hours of sleep (which I am used to with rookie school training years ago) I just think I'm getting old too... THEN that night we had a surprise birthday dinner for Ryan's 30th birthday... yup... it was a busy day (week really) To be fair I planned the dinner before the move... Then we had to get the old house ready to go... bananas. And as of now I am playing catchup on our finances, unpacking a house, and planning a wedding. In between life (preschool for h, speech for h, ect). It has not been a relaxing six weeks. I have to give MAJOR props to my amazing hubby- he's incredible. I am SO grateful he was able to take time off to help with me and take care of the kids, and pack a house and find a place for us to live (five minutes from my old ward- different stake and ward but still close!) and I am so so so blessed!!! So it's been busy... and will be the entire month of may. We have mother's day when we bless silas and hailyn gives her first primary talk we ar working on now and then the wedding. I also have to say I have AMAZING family and friends! my sis drove down to help with kids so we could pack... my friends have taken my kids for playdates ect so we can move and clean- I have had friends MOVE our stuff, help me pack, clean my house, bring us meals. I am soooo blessed. Another reason I am so sad to leave our amazing ward. AWESOME people!! Many of them are helping me with the wedding. I am so blessed. i have one friend doing the pics because she loves me... another is catering because she is amazing. I am so lucky to have such awesome people in my life:)THANK YOU ALL (if you are still reading this novel) So... I am looking forward to a 'relaxing' june where I get caught up on the past three years of crazy... meaning lots of editing, writing, scrapbooking... catchup time... wish me luck... SILAS UPDATES COMING SOON (he's amazing btw:)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


HE'S HERE! He's finally here!! I find out IMMEDIATELY when I am pregnant so I feel my pregnancies are VERY long!! And on Monday March 19 at 8:21 pm Silas Ryan Tidwell made his grand entrance to the world weighing in at 8.1 lbs and 19 inches long. Here's the story... (be prepared for a novel)

I had been having contractions pretty regularly at night but nothing too strong. Well the few days before I was feeling them but the spacing wasn't close together and I expected my water to break like it did with Hailyn. Something I learned is do NOT plan on your children, births or pregnacies being the same. There are some similarities but overall we are learning everything again:).

Monday morning I had a drs appointment at 11am. But I woke up at 2 am in a lot of pain. So I tried to just walk it out, soak in the tub, ect and let Ryan sleep (we hadn't gone to bed til nidnight so we were tired and he had to work monday!) Tuesday was my due date I figured he would come on Tuesday (first day of Spring!) or Wednesday 3/21/12 which I thought was a cool date:) well Monday I was like ok, he's coming, it's happening. So we packed a bag (yeah didnt do that til I was super close! procrastination Lace I know!) So we ate a HUGE breakfast (last time I was STARVED I had soup at 5pm Tuesday and wasn't able to eat until Thursday morning) so we ate and waited for Hailyn to wake up (Ryan wanted to wake her I was like NO let the child sleep in her bed we have time!) so six am she wakes up we take her to grandma's and headed to the hospital. Well on the way I made Ryan stop and get snacks at Walmart (yes because I learned a LOT last time) and so we did and I drank juice and kept timing the contractions and walking.

So we get to the hospital about 730am and they put me on a monitor. (My drs office is next to the hospital). THEY STOP!!! I am sure the nurses were like SURE you had contractions- I had a few but they SLOWED BIGTIME! I was frustrated I was like HEY I AM NOT CALLING WOLF HERE! Sigh! Anyhow, Dr. Miller (one of the Drs from my practice) came in and said I was in labor it was up to me if I wanted to see Dr, Pack at 11 and they could admit me later today or we could go now. Debating about weather or not to run home and clean or catch a movie (HAHAHA) we decided to just go for it since Hailyn was with grandma and we were packed and the hospital was not busy at all- and I was feeling like ok, Hailyn's labor at the hospital was 32 hours I may as well get started and move it along... first day of spring or 3/21 I was ready (NOT!)

So I got admitted about 930 am and Dr, Miller tried to break my water (it broke on its own with H) HOLY SMOKES PAIN!!! She didn't get it either! AHH! So We waited, at about a 4 Dr, Turner who relived Dr. Miller (also a partner at my drs office I LUCKED OUT!) broke my water (OUCH OUCH OUCH!) and then 'Nick' my amazing anesthesiologist who wouldn't let me call him dr came in and gave me an epidural- HEAVEN! (I had an epidural with Hailyn but it wore off at 8pm and she wasn't born until 3am it didn't go so well).

So this was different. I crashed and they came to check me I was an 8!! LAst time it took 4 hours to go from a 7 to 8 so I was EXCITED (last time I was shaking and gray too- this time I SLEPT!) Epidurals rock. Nick was my best friend. I should also add I had the greatest nurse EVER!!! Jodi explained EVERYTHING to me as it was happening stayed with me most of the time and even stayed AFTER her shift half an hour to see me through Silas's birth:) LOVE her!! They only had two other women in labor at the hospital so I got a TON of attention:) It REALLY helped.

So then at 715pm I felt intense pressure to push. I didn't EVER get that feeling with Hailyn even though epidural wore off and I felt everything naturally.So I used my contractions and pushed. They also had me in a better position to push so I only pushed an hour verses three with Hailyn:) and I felt EVERYTHING I knew when to push- it was a much better experience overall (even though I knew EVERYTHING they did:) didn't need a vacuum this time, didn't tear badly a all-

I thought he came out sideways his head was so big:) but he was absolutely perfect. Awake and alert just like his sister was. 8.1 lbs (H was 8.4) 19 inches (H was 20). He is sweet and easy and mellow. I remember after Hailyn just feeling like wow excited this time I felt calm and at peace- it was so serene.

Ryan's dad came and brought us sesame chicken and friend rice and we devoured it (I couldn't eat for a few hours with H). Recovery is SO much better this time!! The pregnancy was half as hard and the recovery is half as hard I would say. Plus an 11 hour labor! THANK YOU!!! Hardly any pain this time, it was very manageable.... I love epidurals (WHEN they work!)

Our dr cleared us to leave Tuesday night (24 hour rule) but they were SWAMPED (I am SO glad I didn't have my baby Tuesday I got SO much attention on monday I am so grateful!!) and they said there was no hurry Hailyn was already in bed at grandmas so we decided to just spend the night and leave in the morning. It was nice we came home noonish wednesday and Ryan filled prescriptions for me, got supplies, ect and we took a nap and picked up Hailyn about 3pm. My amazing vt's had dinner for me that night (they can cook!) and the meals just kept coming (I love my ward family!!! LOVE them!!) Ryan's grandparents came into town Thursday so they stopped by immediately and met Silas and we had a weekend of hanging out with them it was awesome!! A wonderful homecoming!!!! We have been spoiled and loved by so many visitors and people at the hospital and our home we feel so loved!! A lot of support of us and we feel grateful!!

Everyone asks how H is with him- AMAZING!! First time in the hospital she kept wanting to hold him and didn't want to share (Although she did but she kept asking for her turn:) even now she gives him kisses and calms him if he is fussy (which is RARE this boy is wonderful!!!)

With Hailyn we put her in her crib the first night this boy, well we will transition him he likes his bouncer or his swing (we are firm on no babies in our bed rule- I know we would crush them- no judgement on others Ryan and I just know ourselves). So I am not excited for that with Hailyn she had NO where else to sleep- so yeah. He's sweet.

Hailyn is our little helper getting us diapers and wipes and kissing and loving her brother she is amazing!!!

I have been so SO fortunate to have Ryan off work for a bit- especially since I had no help with Hailyn and ended up in the er with serious infections and dehydration ect, after so having him home has made my life SO much easier!! We have a shift thing at night so we are able to sorta get some sleep- it's working for now- I may cry when he goes back to work he's been wonderful!!

Ryan got to take Silas for his manhood appointment and I am SO gladI didn't have to go (I had my fair share of stuff with Hailyn- MRI holding her down, catheter when she had her kidney infection ect) so this was a father son bonding trip. Silas did great recovered awesome and all is well!! WE had to take the bandange off and I am so glad my friend told me to soak him in warm water... I nearly cried when we had to do it I am so glad it's healed! I almost cried when the belly button came off too. Yup.

So I feel great am recovering so much better and have a super supportive husband and so I cannot complain right now. We are trying to find a place to move right now as I am not working and we need to downsize and that's been ULTRA stressful and then the launch of my book (books arrived the day we came home from the hospital- haha! They were waiting for us so I had to get those sent out as I had a newborn ect. but it all worked out:) Lots going on, I do NOT know what I would do with out Ryan:)

That's why this blog post is a tad later than I wanted, and sorry it's so long, but it is our family journal and I am way behind and want to remember all the wonderful love and support. We also had two amazing photo sessions I have to post pics of- GORGEOUS!! That's next post I am spoiled:)

Did I mention Ryan's little sister (who is my little sister) Kylee is getting married? MAy 26? I am planning the wedding. Oh yeah bring it:) It may be a crazy spring but what will I do this summer? mellow!! haha!

Fun fact- October is a tricky month (me losing my mom) this month is complicated too. My kids came to me at hard times. Cathy York who helped me when I was in labor with Hailyn and is a good family friend of many years, passed away a year ago. I have a picture of her holding Hailyn- she is a second mom to Ryan and I both- anyhow Julie a nurse who worked with Cathy (and helped me with Hailyn and trasnferred when Di Lima Labor and Delivery closed) was a nurse I had! Small world! And Cathy's daughter Jessie had her son exactly 12 hours before I had Silas and same weight and height! We think our moms were in on it:) Anyhow I just love how that came full circle- amazing.

Officially a family of four!

COMING HOME! Handsome devil!!!
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He's an amazing dad!! I fell in love all over again!!

I have WONDERFUL friends- Hailyn got big sister gifts and they really made her feel loved

She IMMEDIATELY wanted to hold her baby brother and she wants to hold him all the time! She is an amazing big sister! We feel lucky:)

Our newest addition

The next morning...

Father and son...

Fresh from the oven:) super awake and alert!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belly Pic!

Here's a belly shot at 31 weeks- I am now almost 36 weeks- and I'm HUGE (I LOVE food this pregnancy- SO different than Hailyns pregnancy! Maybe Silas will be a great eater!) also I will be shocked if I make it to March 20 or beyond- I feel like this baby is going to fall out! Hoping I make it til march 2 (when I stop working!) Fingers crossed for me! Although saying that I will probably be late like I was with Hailyn. Sigh, whenever he comes. This was at my baby shower my sweet friend Kristi threw for me (cus she's AWESOME!) So here ya go (I look about like I'm ready to pop already! lol!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby update...

I'm still having issues uploading pics to my blog- this is most frustrating!! AHHH! Anyhow, sorry I have been MIA- yes I am still alive and yes, I WILL post pregnancy pics- my poor friends have been asking. I guess I just haven't gotten around to it- sad and lame. Especially when I expect others to update their blogs regularly!

This pregnancy is FLYING by... in fact... I forget I am pregnant sometimes... I KNOW! I mean I know I am, but I'll miscalcualte a doorway and my belly gets in the way or I reach for something and my belly is there- ahh!!! I am grateful this pregnancy is much easier than Hailyn's- but yes I was still sick this time but maybe half as bad- I'll take it! haha! As for work and rest there is none:) I am grateful I can keep working (til March 2!! Fingers crossed for me!) and that's going well I have the smartest students ever! I'm gonna miss them, I feel strange ending early,even if it is to give birth, which is a good excuse:)

Dr thinks baby is big, the other dr says he's measuring perfectly. I think he is good to go I'm not worried. Ryan and I were ten pounders *nearly and H was close to nine (that's being INDUCED too:) and we are healthy average sized adults and were healthy (even shrimpy) kiddos. I just pray I am not induced and have a 32 hour long hospital labor again... so wish me luck there. I will say I feel this baby more and dr says I am likely dialted to a one after an 'episode' I had last week. Again, praying I make it to march:)

Crib and room is all set up. I am slightly sad I didn't get the ADORABLE Dr. Seuss bedding Ryan and I both loved. Sadly the clearance bedding fit our budget better (sigh) /but it's still cute! and Silas won't care (yep that's his name!) but still... I'm sad I have to move end of may...

speaking of which STRESS ugh!! I'm not working next year and I am freaking out about finances ect ESPECIALLY since we are SO CLOSE to buying a house (we aren't settling this time) After 2011, I am really ready to feel settled and at peace and well I'm not there yet. I am just trusting in God's plan. But trust doesn't come easily to me... so yeah it's been fun for me. Moving in May... where? good question. Beating my head against a wall now. JUST as I was getting settled here- organizing, cleaning, purging, NOT my forte and yet I am plunging forward. HUGE sigh...

I can't pick anything up off the floor- makes having a three year old awesome. She is learning responsibility. Hahahaa. I am trying to get her to put my laundry away... not going so well she does put hers away. Oh and don't want to jinx it but I think she will be an INCREDIBLE big sister. She already says 'this is for baby Silas' and she asks when is he coming? and kisses my belly. I am basically obsessed with her. I am going to miss just us time. Me and Hailyn, the girls. She is my mini clone and frankly she's awesome. I am excited to have this baby boy (I hear they love thier mamas) but Hailyn and I love watching Say Yes to the Dress... a boy may cramp our style:)

So there's a small update... five weeks and counting... hopefully I have some cute pics to show you soon!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Out with the old...

Blogger and I are not getting along- I have about seven thousand (SLIGHT exaggeration) pictures to upload- Hailyn's birthday, halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... and no luck. So instead, hi blogger world I am alive!!!

I am SO done with 2011. It was the hardest year of my life. No joke. But there were some amazing highlights that have made this the most roller coaster drama year i've ever had. We got to take a family trip to Florida and live it up at Disney World (which was awesome!) and then I turned another yar older and possibly 20 years wiser (HA!!!!) and then found out I was expecting (SURPRISE!!!) baby boy in March!! Hailyn hit her head (low point) but was fine (yay!) and then Ryan and I took a second honeymoon to london and paris. School started again. We spoke in church where SURPRISE stake presidency was there hence we spoke in Stake Conference a month later and it was an amazing experience for us.The holiday routine we always do (Flagstaff, Polar Express train, and Enchanted Forest) I have to say this holiday season was by far my favorite ever. So 2011, ended on a happier note.

Segway into 2012, I am stronger than I thought humanly possible, expecting a baby in March, done teaching in March (I'm actually pretty sad about it. I don't want to leave early). I am no longer in Primary (I miss it) and Hailyn is a sunbeam. SO much has changed in one year it's unreal. We may be moving in may (ahhhhhh) but are hoping to stay close and just have a cheaper plac to rent (can't stay here if I don't work). SIIIIIGH!!! BUT we have food, clothing, and shelter. A beautiful baby girl and the GOSPEL!! I am SO grateful for the gospel in my life I have no clue where I would be without it. So 2012, I am ready for you. I'm hoping it is a smoother year. We are excited for our baby boy in march:) excited for the opportunities that will come our way and excited to learn and grow another year as an indiivdual and a family. good to us:)