Thursday, March 7, 2013

A catch up...

I really do need to be better about documenting life on this here blog... especially since it's our only form of a family journal... ahhh with that being said...

life is as usual crazy as ever! Ryan has been working a ton and trying to get a class done in a short amount of time so it's been a lot of me and the kiddos hanging out... a lot.

AND I am still running my crazy wrap business- it's awesome!! If you haven't tried a wrap yet. TRY ONE! they are life changing people! So that's keeping me preeeeety busy!! I also have a busy calling with visiting teaching coordinator and I LOVE it!

Hailyn is in this 'super' phase- everything is 'super awesome' or she's a 'super sister' or it's 'super great' basically it's my favorite thing ever and I want to record every single thing she says because she is so dang funny these days. Love her personality. She is kind, caring, but holds her own in a good way- like she won't be pressured by boys in high school kinda way- I like that about her. She is smart as a whip and just plain funny! She is staying busy in dance class where she goes once a week to Ms. Stephanie and she loves it, speech twice a week (although she is speaking so much more clearly these days we think she just loves Ms. Shaylee and Ms. Dana- hahaa) and preschool which is twice a week- at Ryan and I's former high school. So bizarre.

Silas will be one in 11 days and I wanna cry when I think about it. He is the easiest, happiest, smiley baby ever. Such a joy! no one can make him laugh quite like his sister and I love seeing the bond they have- I hope they always love each other like that (one can dream right?)

So there's a brief synopsis... I need to post pics... I have some good ones. In the meantime time to answer emails!

oh and check out my new website

happy thursday!