Thursday, June 25, 2009

The BEST 'lemonade' diet...

While I am lazy about finding my camera cord and unpacking my house, I had a random thought.

Many of you know I used to work here when I first got married. I was on my feet, constantly moving, stomping the heck out of that lemonade. I also ate there-every time I worked. Cheese on a stick, Hot do on a stick, fries andof course cups and cups of the sugary lemonade. I went on the (Master Cleanse) lemonade diet back in January- the HDOS lemonade is way better...
So, how much weight did I gain working there?

Not a single ounce.

A part of me wants to work there again- the best 'diet' I've ever been on.

(and yes, I did wear the funny uniform, hat and all)
(and yes, I STILL drink the sugary lemonade and no I won't tell you how much sugar is in it- a lot!)
Oh and I told people I was a manager for HDOS Enterprises- which is the truth:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Peace of Mind

So, my house is coming together and thanks to Keri who slaved away and used her genuis brain (thanks again- a million times for letting me 'use' your brain today! I OWE you- had fun with the kiddos too!:) my house is less junkified, and ideas for a beautiful space is well in the works- I will post pics soon- I still have to find that pesky cord. Keri, again, I envy how you look at a space and see things I NEVER could- I love you for it. I have been beating my head against a wall with what to put where and how to do things and in two minutes you have a genuis plan- one that clicks, makes sense, and should've been there all along. Your interior desginer brain is absolutely amazing! I love you to peices- thank you again!

So I am now entering a calmer piece of mind- I have little left to 'put away' I know WHERE I want to put it- and the rest involves hanging up curtains, pictures, mirrors, ect. I think my house will be completely put together by WEDNESDAY! That's right I said Wednesday.

There is nothing better than order and structure within a home. I know thatI just FEEL better, more at peace, when my home is in order and it is warm and inviting (and aesthetically beautiful) an interior designers brain is different than my own (Keri:) but it is one I need to borrow knowledge from now and again- Keri, I learned a lot today (and had fun doing it too!)

So my home is become my peaceful sanctuary once again. Order and beauty are replacing chaos and plastic bins.

Life is falling into place...and I'm loving it! Visitors welcome!:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Costco v. Sam's Club

Now that we don't live within walking distance of Costco, we are back to sqaure one swapping between BOTH Sam's Club and Costco- and we are torn. So here are pros and cons of both:
we have a membership
they have the mix and match muffins
they have my Hawaiian Chicken Bowls
Enfamil Lipil Formula is currently on sale for 24.99 for 38ounces- sweet!
they have better hot dogs

they are now far away
the lines SUCK!

Sam's Club:
Enfamil formula is always 27.99 for 38 ounces (Costco is normally 30.98)
the have Hailyn's Gerber baby food 2nd in bulk in fruit and vegetable packs-awesome
they have TGI Friday's Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skin Chips
the lines were not long
I can usually 'check in' on my brother who works there-awesome!

we DON'T have a memebership (we 'borrow' my mother in laws- yes I'm that 'frugal' we used to have memberships to both!:)
they don't have my cheesesticks (Costco does)
they don't have my chocolate chip chocolate muffins

So as you can see there are pros and cons to both- overall- I was VERY happy to go to Sam's today as oppossed to Costco- and I think our Costco trips may be fewer and longer in between (if anyone ever wants to go to Costco call me up and let me know!) It is now a 'trip' to go-sigh.

I know this post just THRILLS you- but I needed something 'light' to blog about while I search for my camera cord and escape (momentarily) the aspects of opening up a school in the fall.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School Names!

So, now that we know where we are living and I have the space, I am working on setting up my classroom. I decided to change the name of the school, because I really think this school has potential to expand, and I want a name that is going to 'fit'. Some ideas I have are:

Southern Valley Montessori or
Desert Valley Montessori

I am open to new suggestions and your input- GRACIAS!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eight is Grrrrreat!!

Well, Hailyn turns eight months on the ninth (tomorrow) and while I need to take pics and upload them- I cannot find my camera cord- ohhh the joys of moving. I WILL find it and post pics soon, as well as update you all on our lives. It sure has been a busy month!

Hailyn goes in for her final kideny test tomorrow- they were supposed to do it when they did the ultrasound but in a lapse of judgement, they don't have nurses at that particular Steinberg Diagnostics to do that particular test. So tomorrow we go to another one. Her ultra sound and other tests have come out wonderfully- nothing to report- and hopefully tomorrow's test will be the same.

People say that you won't be able to know about your child's personality until later on. I knew the minute she was born and she wasn't screaming but calmly looking around and observing everyone that that would NOT be the case. I knew my daughter would be observant of everyone, extremely aware of her surroundings, quick to love those that love her, wanting to party until she is so tired she is forced to bed and a chatterbox. She is the sweetest, smiling, sassy, smart, very aware of herself, surroundings and others, and loves to laugh.

The minute she was born I knew instantly she belonged in OUR family. I always wondered how a child(ren) would fit in with Ryan and I's life- we were SO happy being just us two- and Hailyn has honestly only added to our happiness and love. It was as though she were 'custom' made for us- she just fit right in- and I knew she spent a lot of time with my mom in heaven, because sometimes she gives me a smile or an expression and I know it's my mom sending a quick little 'hello' to me. She even has my mom's eye coloring. I also know she was having fun playing with grandma in heaven- because the girl took her sweeeeeet time coming to her earthly home! sheesh girl! such a diva to take her time!

Life has been wonderful, busy, crazy, a tad stressful and awhile lot of wonderful lately- I PROMISE to post pics as soon as I find my camera cord- and thank you to EVERYONE for all your love and support of us during this 'transitional' time! Love you all!