Wednesday, April 29, 2009


-MOMMY (DOUBLE full-time 24/7)
-Wife (full-time as well)
-'Chef' (this includes buying food, planning meals ane executing said meals)
-Maid (my house was so much cleaner when I worked outside the home and didn't have a baby)
-Landscaper (ok, I REALLY need to work on this more but hey it still gets done-sort of)
-Accountant- and that currently includes ADDED stress with Countrywide...ugh...and paying bills, balancing a checkbook ect. people hire LAWYERS to deal with this garbage...
-personal assistant- this includes making sure everyone has doct. appointments scheduled and all other needs met
- school counselor (people are hired full-time for this job, yet it falls on me to make sure my husband's school things are in order- why? I still don't have an answer for you!)
-therapist- nuf said (another full-time gig)
-and I am currently finishing writing my novel (another full-time deal)AND opening my Montessori school in the fall
-oh, and church jobs- serving in RS and getting my visiting teahing done

so if I added these jobs up and was making the salaries of all these positions, I would be a MULTI-MILLIONARE! Women, we wear a lot of hats- because we CAN (and we sort of have to) Men can only focus on one task at a time- no offense men, it is the way it is... Here's to women and our many hats we wear!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm pretty sure I'm giving up 'couponing'. I suck at it. I've TRIED REALLY hard. I don't NEED to Sunday papers- it was a waste. I am going to stick to online coupons and in store coupons and 'junk mail' but I do not need two, repeat TWO sunday papers!

I will still but deals, I will still do it to an extent but I haven't saved any money on food except Diet Coke- there's something wrong there.

I don't quit things- so I'm going to say I'm 'lessening' my enthusaism for it. Go ahead people, try and convice me otherwise. But as of right now I need a personal assistant, a personal shopper, a maid and a chef.


Ok, so our five year anniversary was on friday- we had WAY too much fun! Ryan ditched class on Friday and we ate at Fuddruckers (yum!) and then we dropped the baby off Saturday morning and ate at Firehouse- yeah! then we caught a movie, went to the fashion show mall and shopped a bit (or rather looked at things) then we ate at Stripburger- SO good (we didn't have time to eat our fancy dinner yet- we'll do that another time). After we scarfed our food down at Stripburger we went to see the BLue Man Group. My brother in law tried out and if he had some drum experience under his belt they would've snatched him up soon- it is totally his element. We had a BLAST at Blue Man. After picking up the most awesome fudge cake from Stripburger, we went and checked into our room at the South Point.

After waiting half and hour, we get to our room only to find people were STAYING in there- after a 'word' with the supervisor we were upgraded to a SUITE! It wasn't as lavish as where we stayed when we got married (the most beautiful room at Mandalay Bay) but it was pretty amazing nonetheless. The room was still bigger than our first apartment!

We also ate at BJ's and the food is absoltely amazing! We also caught another movie State of Play. It was a WONDERFUL weekend and when we went to pick Hailyn up she didn't miss us at all. She was spoiled rotten all weekend and she LOVES her Mimzy, Paps and Aunt Kylee. Thank you a million times for watching her (I know it was torture for you guys- haha!) Hailyn loved all the attention and snuggles and love and it was wonderful to spend a weekend with my hubby love. Five years, wow! It was a WONDERFUL anniversary! (thanks parents for making the anniversary possible!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been Married for...A WHOLE HAND (FIVE YEARS!)

Say what? That's right FIVE years ago (hence the title of the blog.) These two cute younging's knew they HAD to be together forever...

So they made sealed thier lovefor time and all eternity in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple on April 24, 2004...

So, they got married, bought a WAY overpriced house and then had one of these...

Our family grew! On October 9,2008 we welcomed this cutie pie, Hailyn into our family...

On April 24, 2004, I married my best friend, my constant companion, my love, my everything. We have been through a lot ( A LOT) in the past five years, and through it all, we have laughed, cried, smiled and enjoyed the journey.

(Prepare for some serious mushy-ness)
Ryan, thank you for teaching me how to love again. Thank you for teaching me love is possible. Thank you for your patience, your tenderness, your thoughtfulness, your presence. Thank you for the best five years of my life so far. Thank you for the rest of eternity! It's amazing to think about and I'm looking forward to taking the journey with you!

Hailyn and I could not be any luckier to have you in our lives. You are the best husband, and the best father- and my very best friend.

A LOT happened in between...I graduated college, earned my Montessori certification, Ryan's finishing up school, I'm writing a book, we bought an overpriced ridiculous Enlgish bulldog and now we are enjoying our daughter and 'the good dog' Bailey. No matter what changes happen, I know you are by my side. It's been a crazy busy five years, and a wonderful five years- and I can't wait for the next twenty, fifty, and forever with my best friend, my love, my everything. I love you babe- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Now it's time to drop the baby off and go CELEBRATE!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good things...

Hailyn loves her play gym...the best part...the tags. They are for eating!

Chillin' at Mimzy's house! Look at that smile! LOVE IT!

Mimzy gave Hailyn a pedicure today- so cute!

Splish Splash

So, the other day Brandi and Nicci invited us to go was Hailyn's first time in the pool. The water was a little chilly so we didn't go too far but she LOVED it- Hailyn is a fish- or she will be. It was so fun swimming with the girlies!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok, so I've been a slacker- but I feel VERY strongly now that Ryan and I need to get a WHOLE year of food storage together- and a real supply- not Top Ramen and fruit snacks...

Now, the question is, where do I store it? I think I've got the rotating aspect down just fine, but we need to have an actual place to store it...and I'm not sure where...

Our house is not huge, Hailyn's stuff is taking over. So my question to you fine folks is, how do you MANAGE your food storage, where do you ACTUALLY store it and do you have any creative ideas or tips for me while I venture out and accomplish this (daunting) task?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coscto connundrum...

Well, I decided to spend my 105th post (yeah!) on my woes with Costco. Here are some things I have learned about this amazing establishment:

1. It doesn't matter when I go, what time of day or what day of the week, it is ALWAYS busy!
2. People don't care if you don't have a cart, are carrying an infnat carseat, they will cut you in aisles, hit your cart and park in the middle of an aisle- or stop right in front of the muffins you need to quickly grab- these people stop and analyze for at least five minutes, trying to figure out which muffins to buy
3. They always overstock one thing and understock another...
4. When they run out they don't restock until they feel like it... (ie Carnation Instant Breakfast- essential to my life...)
5. People will fight hell and high water to get EVERY sample of beef jerky available
6. People honestly go just for the samples...
7. People will always stock up on the coupons even if they don't need it
8. I always pick the wrong line...always
9. I usually have to go to Walmart after Costco- and will often debate buying two large bottles of ranch in the 'twin pack' just to avoid another trip to another dreadful store
10. Costco is essential to my existence (sadly so is Walmart...)
11. Even if I go in for 'just muffins' it still ends up costing me $100- they need to rename it the $100- I ALWAYS spend $100 there!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


As a writer and an English major, I often view my life sequentially, and this is the scene where the climax has occured and disaster has struck. Currently my life is in Catch-22 mode. To keep it brief I can't refinance our house because of Ryan's job but I HAVE to refinace because of Ryan's job- uhhh that's what I call a catch-22 (or as Ryan would call it 'what the freak?'). I did love the book, but I'm not loving it in terms of it relating to my life.


On a happier note...

I am REALLY close to finishing my book it's scary...and exciting...mostly exciting...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Six Month Stats

So, being the mama I am, I had to talk about Hailyn's six month trip to the doctor today!(Dont' you just want to munch those cheeks off!?)

This is a picture of her on her six month mark (the ninth- also her Uncle Dustin's birthday!) she is wearing the cutest little 'Guess' outfit my friend Laura got for her-she wear it often now that she can fit into it- I LOVE it- she looks so cute! Thanks Auntie Laura!

She's doing great, she's slid a bit on the scales but the doc isn't worried because she's still in the curve and it's exactly what both Ryan and I did- the kid is going to go from being a giant baby to a shrimp kiddo to an average adult- what can you do?

Height: 25.75 inches/%50
Weight: 16.6 lbs/ %50-75
Head: 41 1/2cm /%10-25

She is still not liking solid foods as much- she does like bananas and applesauce but she gets annoyed eating from a spoon- he says not to worry she still only six months and to go with my gut- I love our doc! She also has ezcema on her angel's kiss and all we need to do is Eucerin lotion on it twice a day- so that's Hailyn's deal.

Oh and she got her six month shots today :( but she stopped crying the minute I picked her up! She was so great the rest of the day! I LOVE this little girl- she is AMAZING!

Montessori Monday...

I am taking a little hiatus from Montessori Mondays- basically because I am SWAMPED with getting this new school launched. Am I crazy for doing this- sometimes I think so- but I am fueled with a passion to create a loving and enriching environment.

So here's a school update- two full-time students OFFICIALLY and two part-timers. YEAH! Enrollment is filling up! I am currently securing an ideal location (possibly) cross your fingers!

I went to Tai Pan Trading in St. George during my awesome day trip (thanks Kelly) and I stocked up on small dishes, baskets, ect. I am currently putting together an inventory list on things I'll still need- I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Life is crazy sometimes, but it's how we handle the craziness that defines us. I am learning this, and I am pushing forward to make my Montessori school the best it can be. I am raising the bar for myself, to achieve a high quality school- and I know I'll make the mark.

Thank you all for your love and support! It empowers me to keep going!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hailyn's First Easter...

Ok, despite getting home last night and dealing with a teething baby, we STILL managed to make it to church at 9am (well, 9:10- still in time for sacrament!) I also had a great morning making banana muffins from scratch and getting Hailyn ready for church- here is the dress Mimzy got for her- and she looked so dang cute in it!
(Warning: Picture overload: I FINALLY got some laughing pics of her so yeah I'm going to post them all!)

She is such a happy, smiling, beautiful girl! Six months sure flies by!

We had a WONDERFUL Easter and hope you all did too!


It's been a loooong time coming (she's been teething since two months) and on Friday one finally emerged! (A day after her six month mark) It's hard to see but here's some shots!

(Oh and there is currently another that should pop up by tomorrow- I wouldn't be surprised if she got a bunch of teeth popping up at once!)

Double Take...

Here are my cute nephews and darling neice. My awesome sis Jen got the girls matching Easter dresses...they are so dang cute! Love you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

St. George Road Trip!!!!!

Ok, so tomorrow I will be day-tripping it to St.George for the day! If any of my St. George peeps want to hang out for a bit lemme know! I know it's a crazy busy weekend with Easter and what not and this is LAST MINUTE hello...but let me know! It'd be fun to see you!
*Disclaimer- I hope this doesn't hinder anyone wanting to see me but I will be minus a hubby and a baby...just me...sorry:(

Monday, April 6, 2009

What now?

I went to the coupon class- it made sense to me at the time. I am now looking at my two Sunday papers and the info I have from class and am wondering WHAT NOW? It is all Greek to me- ok,not even Greek, I'm going to say it may as well be written in Chinese. Help. What do I do? I am forgetting what I need to do to hone my couponing skills- what's next? I am currently staring at two Sunday papers and a blank expression on my face...

I need help from a coupon guru- I am totally lost right now...HELP!

Montessori Monday...

I am excited to see how people are EAGER to learn about the Montessori method! I feel as though I am being used as an instrument to educate people in understanding how children process the world. In understanding this process,we as adults and teachers set the tone of the environment to respond to the child in a positive way.

I am currently ordering Montessori materials for my classroo and it is invigorating (and expensive). I am so excited to teach again, I am excited to provide a safe, secure, and intellectually stimulating enviornment for young minds to explore and absorb all the knowledge around them. I am grateful I was able to train with the best Montessori traning center in the country. I am grateful for teaching at a high standard for four years. I am now ready to bring this amazing method of teaching to more children, and enrich thier lives.

I am feeling amazing right now, that I can provide this opportunity to other children and spread my talent and knowledge to others to enrich thier lives. It is extremly rewarding. Enrollment is filling up, but there are a few spots still available for part-time and full-time. I cannot wait to begin the new school year.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's a bird...It's a's Wonder Baby!

Wonder baby sucking her fingers- a trademark!

Wonder Baby soaring with the birds...

Wonder baby with her cape (bib) on backwards...

There is no stopping Wonder Baby! What adventures will she encounter next?
*NOTE:Ryan bought this Wonder Woman onesie for her a year ago, before we even knew we were having a girl- it was the first thing he bought for her- and he surprised me with it when he came home from a trip to Six Flags... so sweet!

AHHH swimsuit season...the bikini does not lie...

It's no surprise that swinsuit season is right around the corner. Last season, I was 6-8 months preggers and sported a cute, non-maternity swinsuit from Modbe. It was excellent because it was as figure flattering as pregnant person could expect and was cute, comfortable ect.

Well, I have been busting my butt and I am now back to pre-pregnancy body- hoora-wait. I was trying to lose 20 lbs BEFORE I became pregnant. Uh oh- and now I have a very well-stretched out tummy to tone up on top of it- thanks for weighing ten lbs Hailyn- Ugh.

It was so much easier working out when I was already 'in shape'. I walked everywhere on campus, I got college credit for working out-yeah, and I had no money to buy food. Now, I have the stress that comes with adulthood- a stupid mortgage, launching a school and finishing my book in addition to raising my daughter and taking care of my husband- no sweat- it's a wlak in the park! ha!

So I'm not going to sugar coat it. I could make excuses as to why I'm not in my beach bod mode- but I'm not going to- I've lost thirty lbs already- la de da- I now need to lose the last twenty and tone up my belly. It must be done. There's no sweet way of ignoring it- the bikini does not lie...

With that being said- I despise working out-I'm not going to tell you how fun it is- it's essential-that's all it is for me right now. Maybe I'll break into the 'fun phase' later on but for now, it sucks- when I was in shape it was annoying to do but bearable. Now I just loathe it-but I am committed to doing SOMETHING every day.

We'll see how that goes...