Thursday, April 7, 2011

A step from baby to child...

I'm bad a blogging. I love to read other people's blogs- yet I never update my own. Since this is the only sort of family journaling I do (sad huh?) I better record some stuff- if nothing else than my own record. Well here's a BIT of what we've been up to.

Potty training. It's on. Conference weekend was the perfect weekend to do it. We had nothing on the agenda. No church to make it to Sunday. So it was on. We followed some advice on the 3-day potty challenge and a huge bag of m&ms and 40 pairs of underwear we were set to go.

Ryan did the first day- Friday. We had 1 diaper left- and she wore it before breakfast. After breakfast we said 'hey no more diapers Hailyn' and she was DONE! we put on her big girl underwear, gave her some gaterade (her fav and it goes through her FAST!) and popped in Beauty and the Beast (note Beauty and the Beast for Hailyn may be what Little Mermaid was for me- she is OBSESSED!) and since I was teaching, Ryan took care of taking her to the potty. She went the first time like a charm! We clapped and cheered so dang much it was funny! We didnt take any pics- one I can't find my camera and two I have yet to find an 'appropriate' potty pic of her- and it's sorta weird- so we may not do them. bath pics are embarrassing enough :) haha!

anyway she had a few accidents- she did go no. 2 though in the potty! yay! the second day I took over and she had two wet accidents but not too bad- third day she was good to go and told me when she needed to pee. Now, she is still having issues going no 2 in the potty- so I bought her favorite (and my favorite) treat of all time- reeses peanut butter cups- I put them in a clear jar next to the m&ms and she asks for one every day. She still hasn't gone no 2 in the potty yet. Sigh. I'm not too worried because she'll get it- every mom says it- and the treats are there for when she does (she still gets m&ms for peeing- and yay she tells me when she needs to pee!) Oh and I MAY have snuck a potty treat for myself cleaning up a messy no 2 accident- Hailyn didn't see me but ya know- I felt I earned it after that! haha!

I know all this is TERRIBLY fascinating to you- haha- again for my own journaling and record keeping- I'm trying to be better about that.

oh and for the record we don't do pullups or sleeping panties at night- she has had some accidents but she usually wakes up dry (has even in diapers for a while a sign we knew she was ready) and if I wake her half hour early she'll go and go back to sleep no accidents- IF I can remember- I know- bless her heart she makes it a LONG time- and she always comes to get me right away. I am working on her going to the bathroom solo in the middle of the night that is going to be a thing but she is doing well- she'll get it. In the meantime I dont mind getting her up half an hour early to pee. She is so sweet! We didn't want to use sleeping panties or pullups because we didnt want to confuse her- it works! I have an extra set of sheets (we havent had to use yet) I lay a thick blanket under her and then her blanket if she has an accident that she still feels it and I dont have to wash all the sheets jus the soiled blanket change her pants and she goes back to bed! yay! So far we havent thrown out panties yet.

And can I just say how grateful I am for a waterproof mattress cover, Tinkerbell underwear(her fav!) M&Ms and Reeses peanut butter cups! Hooray potty training!!!