Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spotlight on my soon to be sunbeam...

My baby girl is turning three on Sunday and with me being pregnant and hormonal I am feeling extremely nostalgic- and WISHING my baby would stay little forever. Alas, it isn't happening. With her birthday being on a Sunday, and me being pregnant and working and tired, well, it's going to be a mellow affair- but with a LOT of love! Smashburger and then a taco dinner sunday.

Since I have been a slacker, Hailyn has not had her three year pics yet- we are thinking the monday after her birthday- when she is officially three. Yes, I am so behind on everything it seems. But since this is a form of journaling for me... I wanted to SPOTLIGHT my soon to be sunbeam (oh don't get me started- I'm going to cry my eyes out when she is a sunbeam- I cannot even process it right now) and sadly I have no pics for this post...maybe when I blog about her birthday in november! haha! Some fun things about my cutie pie!

Favorite foods: pizza, cheeseburgers, cheese (straight up grated cheese so funny!) and yogurt oh and apples and fries and DONUTS (anything sweet is called a donut- besides cookies) Dad's scrambled eggs (it sounds like she eats a lot I assure you I jump for joy when she eats ANYTHING!)

Favorite color: purple- hands down

Movies: Despicable Me and Rio- and the Gruffalo movie (she also likes the Disney movies but Rapunzel has taught her to use her plastic frying pan as a weapon and Ariel taught her how to use a fork as a dinglehopper so those are used sparingly)

Books: The Gruffalo (ADORABLE bookwe got her in London with a puppet she LOVES it!) and Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

Shows: LITTLE EINSTEINS is ALL this girl will watch- she calls it her 'mission show!' and shouts 'going on a mission!' yeah mommy is trying out other shows but this is a winner for sure

Activities: she loves to make mommy pictures and take baths and go on the slide at the park and ride the 'horsies' at the mall (the carousal)

Songs: she loves I am a child of God and Popcorn popping on the Apricot Tree- working on Jesus wants me For a Sunbeam right now

Special things about Hailyn: This HILARIOUS girl always has a smile on her face. She is pure sunshine. I do not know what I did right to deserve such an incredible, loving, smart, spunky little girl- I am so blessed! She is super independant and I cannot help her get dressed (or choose her clothes) she hates getting her teeth brushed, and she will leave her hair in after I fix it for exactly 2.5 seconds. She LOVES getting manicures and pedicures (and often brings me clippers as a HINT to give her a mani and pedi:) she LOVES shoes and LOVES to go shopping (oh boy!) and she loves sunglasses and purses and has to take a purse (or two or three) everywhere we go. She is my little trooper- super easy going. I love the way she says 'thank you' 'please' and 'your welcome' she seriously says them so cute! She says milk like 'muck' working on that:) cute though! She LOVES little babies (hope that sticks) and I never have to remind her to be careful or gentle. She is such a good little mama to her babies at home and takes good care of them tucking them in bed, pushing them in strollers. She screams 'DADDY' when Ryan gets home and he gets the biggest hug ever from his baby girl. She is scared of the dark (she is so my kid! lol) and she has the KINDEST heart! I hope she always does. If a kid bites her or hits her she just looks sad and doesn't retaliate. Yet she is spunky and can hold her own. I hope she has a good balance of softness and strength. I think she will. She is always asking if a friend gets hurt if they are ok. She is a giant sweetheart and I truly LOVE spending time with my little buddy. She has her moments, but oh my I am going to miss the time of it being just her and I. We are buds. Hailyn, happy birthday... I love you like crazy cakes!