Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're on to TWO HANDS now!!! WOW!

It's official!!! We are onto TWO hands now counting the years we've been married!! It's so crazy to think about how fast time flies by and how much happens in that time. It really is mind boggling. We've been together so long, and yet every single day, wek, month, year, I love him more and more. A lot happens in six years, survicing uor engagment and wedding (we were just SO GLAD to be married at the end of the day- the cake could've fallen on my head and I wouldn't have cared! it didn't luckily!) job changes, getting degrees,buying a house, selling a house, moving, rookie school, writing novels, opening a school, chasing dreams essentially, vacations, rock climbing, dunes trips (and accidents) having a baby, dogs.... basically life has been wonderfully busy and crazy!! Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to...

Ryan worked last night and works again tomorrow so we will day date it today- movies, delicious food, shopping and just enjoying each other! I love you babe! So glad you're mine forever!

Putting these pics togeter I realize we need more pictures together!!! Also, I need to scan our honeymoon and wedding pictures- there's so much to do this summer!

Fun game: Ryan and I were both extrememyl sleep deprived during two of these pictures- a time when life was ultra crazy for both of us- take a guess as to which two pictures those are:)

I'm off to celebrate my anniversary! As soon as my sweet hard working hubbs gets up from his nap:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stuff on my mind I don't like talking about...

Some thoughts on my mind...

I'm aware I talk about my kid a LOT online- it's cus she's so cute! and there are SO many other things I'd RATHER not discuss- such as:
-laundry- it's everywhere
-housework actually- I have three (ok four sometimes) mess makers in the form of hubbs, hailyn and hurley...and I love em all!
-working out, why discuss it? its on my mind, along with the uhh extra poundage I need to shed- everyone around me is slimming down beautifully- maybe I need to go to the doc?
-paperwork- there is always an abundant amount of paperwork in one respect or another for me to do- and it isn't fun and I don't like it, so why talk about it?
- my writing! I keep this card SUPER close to my chest- because it can backfire- but yes, I wrote a novel- a NOVEL people this year- and it needs serious re-writing- but I did it! All you people who think you can just up and write a novel, give it a shot will ya? I'm a pretty good writer with decent skills and it is a whole different scheme writing a novel than any other genre
-along that note I got some wonderful reviews from PW- and they liked it! but they said my story, a peice of fiction based on events from my life, wasn't realistic- I WISH!
- projects to finish- ugh! I'm a procrastinator- hence the pictures (lack thereof) and books/family tree stuff to do
That's pretty much it! for now, as far as I can think of- oh bills. Bills suck too... til next time!


I am SO BAD! I have yet to make Hailyn's one year book- ahh! I am TRYING to document stories/pictures/ect as time goes on because let's face it- I am a procrastinator. I at least have somewhat of a record of our lives/Hailyn ect. It's ridiculous how much I have to catch up on- almost 1000 pictures.

So I plan on doing some here and there- and may include daes for my own record keeping ect so maybe someday (this summer!) I can go and create these amazing books and family heritage that are floating around in my mind- it will happen this summer!

So here's SOME catch up! Sorry for the delay- lack of organization ect- such is my life!

On another note, I am a VERY busy woman! I am gearing up for preschool next year and I am so excited!!

Lil Mischeif Maker...

She 'helps' mommy with the dishes... (document to remember for her teenage years- she chose her chores early on! haha! I actually think it's sweet she imitates ewverything Ryan and I do- cus she loves us!)Usually her help involves taking dirty or clean dishes out and stacking them on the table:)

Hmmm... what to eat, what to eat? She found the cookies!

awww the faces!

and the dish ran away with the...hotpad

This is all in a matter of 5 minutes- she's into EVERYTHING (Especially the pantry- I promise we feed her, she jsut wants the 'cookies' she is so my child)
LOVE this mischeif maker:)


CUTE CABOOSE! we often see this cute!

Hailyn got a train for Christmas. In all my teacher glory (Ry picked it out) it goes over sounds, (not just the alphabet-people teach your children SONDS first so they learn how to blend and read sooner-ok tangent over) and she LOVES it- now, she rides it backwards and only goes in reverse...but still!

First ride...

Hailyn got this SWEET princess bouple from her Aunt Jen, Uncle Steve, and cousins Nathan and Nicole for her birthday and she LOVES it! SERIOUSLY this girl plays in it pretty much all day- she even eats in there- too funny! She loves to ride, get pushed by friends (or mom or dad), go in reverse and push it (ie chase Hurley) LOVE this child!

At least I know where they both are...

I often find Hailyn hanging out in here- at least I know where they are. Now I wonder if I could fly them this way- TEASING! OF COURSE!!! But really she goes in there herself and it's just too funny!
(Feb 2010)

Daddy daughter moments...

I caught a few cute moments a couple of weeks ago I had to document (fun fact, this is also Hailyn's Easter dress)
Easter 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

A year and a half ago...

I had Hailyn! wow time REALLY flies when you have a kid- I must be having lots of fun! While I am aware that I have 300+ pics to download to my computer and blog about all the awesomeness that is our lives, I'm afraid my once a month post about my daughter's monthly updates will have to do. While you may (or may not) be interested, it is the ONLY record I keep of Hailyn and what she's doing- that's right. I do not keep a journal (gasp) I suck at downloading pictures to the computer so you can only IMAGINE my scrapbooking 'skills' or lack thereof, and thus, I plan to 'get around to it' someday, meaning sometime this summer- hopefully.

fun note, March 9 is my stepdad's birthday, April 9th is my brother Dustin's birthday! usually Mothers day lands on the 9th (or around there) so Hailyn share's her monthly markers with some cool dates! Some awesome stuff happening at 18 months?

SHE GOES TO NURSERY FOR THE FIRST TIME ON SUNDAY! I'm SUPER excited, PRAY she isn't clingly and hope she behaves for the teachers and is nice to the other kids- not that she's a clingy brat, she is the sweetest girl ever- but she has a sugar/spice personality (like her mother) oiy! Ryan is beyond excited- he won't have to wrestle her in the library while I teach my enormous 4 year old primary class- and on the days he's working I won't have to drop her off to Ry's parents who were awesome in taking her so I could teach 'in peace'. I am nervous about when I have to drop her off on my own, and she'll be a terror and I'll have to book it to my primary class and pray the nursery teachers don't come find me! eek!

On that note, she is so BIG (not really, she's probably barely 20 lbs still- he cousin Mav is quickly catching up to her size and he turns one on Ry's birthday May 2!) she climbs on EVERYTHING and eats bananas like crazy- that's why we lovingly call her monkey! All of my friends seem to be pregnant or just had babies and I have to be honest- I am newborn hungry! I need I mean NEED to hold a newborn. Like now. So if anyone has one, PLEASE let me borrow? I'll return- maybe;) hehe but really I am getting that ache- Ryan tells me to make the ache go away for a while,thus holding other people's newborns will be my (temoporary) rememdy. Realistically, we know another baby is in our future, just not now- and no, we are not trying-yet:)

Hailyn can now reach stuff off the counter- ahhh!! this is a nightmare! I miss the 'sit the baby in her bumbo and she plays with her towes phase' but honestly I haven't hit a 'bad' age- it's all been awesome- Hailyn's personality is REALLY coming out and she is HILARIOUS! and SO SWEET! We LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!

but she is into EVERYTHING- the pantry, drawers, cabinets, and I am teaching her not to get into it- and it's not fun!

She had her first ear infection a week ago (and it was a double ear infection- ouchie) not bad- almost 18 months and the first time on antibiotic! goodness immune system! bless you!stay that way!

She LOVES Hurley and is often found in his kennel (pics coming soon! PROMISE)

Her words AND phrases: Paps, Hi Daddy, Pee-Boo (peek a boo- hilarious right?she actually covers her eyes and everything-love it!)jubajuba juba (telling us a story? this goes on for a long time!) I like that! (spoken VERY clearly) this morning taking her MEDICINE 'Mmmm thats goo (good)' LOVE IT! Ugy (ugly? she says this to Hurley and he IS ugly???)dog, doggy, I love that she's speaking in PHRASES now!

her hair is like a bad combover lately and she won't let me put headbands, ponytails, bows, ect on her head- sigh- this is VERY discouraging as she has the cutest accesories EVER!

She doesn't keep her shoes on either though and prefers to be barefoot (I get lots of stares sometimes at the playground- I recenlty found some shoes that DO stay on- holding my breath!)

Overall, we love our crazy, sweet sugar n spice monkey!