Monday, January 9, 2012

Out with the old...

Blogger and I are not getting along- I have about seven thousand (SLIGHT exaggeration) pictures to upload- Hailyn's birthday, halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... and no luck. So instead, hi blogger world I am alive!!!

I am SO done with 2011. It was the hardest year of my life. No joke. But there were some amazing highlights that have made this the most roller coaster drama year i've ever had. We got to take a family trip to Florida and live it up at Disney World (which was awesome!) and then I turned another yar older and possibly 20 years wiser (HA!!!!) and then found out I was expecting (SURPRISE!!!) baby boy in March!! Hailyn hit her head (low point) but was fine (yay!) and then Ryan and I took a second honeymoon to london and paris. School started again. We spoke in church where SURPRISE stake presidency was there hence we spoke in Stake Conference a month later and it was an amazing experience for us.The holiday routine we always do (Flagstaff, Polar Express train, and Enchanted Forest) I have to say this holiday season was by far my favorite ever. So 2011, ended on a happier note.

Segway into 2012, I am stronger than I thought humanly possible, expecting a baby in March, done teaching in March (I'm actually pretty sad about it. I don't want to leave early). I am no longer in Primary (I miss it) and Hailyn is a sunbeam. SO much has changed in one year it's unreal. We may be moving in may (ahhhhhh) but are hoping to stay close and just have a cheaper plac to rent (can't stay here if I don't work). SIIIIIGH!!! BUT we have food, clothing, and shelter. A beautiful baby girl and the GOSPEL!! I am SO grateful for the gospel in my life I have no clue where I would be without it. So 2012, I am ready for you. I'm hoping it is a smoother year. We are excited for our baby boy in march:) excited for the opportunities that will come our way and excited to learn and grow another year as an indiivdual and a family. good to us:)