Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belly Pic!

Here's a belly shot at 31 weeks- I am now almost 36 weeks- and I'm HUGE (I LOVE food this pregnancy- SO different than Hailyns pregnancy! Maybe Silas will be a great eater!) also I will be shocked if I make it to March 20 or beyond- I feel like this baby is going to fall out! Hoping I make it til march 2 (when I stop working!) Fingers crossed for me! Although saying that I will probably be late like I was with Hailyn. Sigh, whenever he comes. This was at my baby shower my sweet friend Kristi threw for me (cus she's AWESOME!) So here ya go (I look about like I'm ready to pop already! lol!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby update...

I'm still having issues uploading pics to my blog- this is most frustrating!! AHHH! Anyhow, sorry I have been MIA- yes I am still alive and yes, I WILL post pregnancy pics- my poor friends have been asking. I guess I just haven't gotten around to it- sad and lame. Especially when I expect others to update their blogs regularly!

This pregnancy is FLYING by... in fact... I forget I am pregnant sometimes... I KNOW! I mean I know I am, but I'll miscalcualte a doorway and my belly gets in the way or I reach for something and my belly is there- ahh!!! I am grateful this pregnancy is much easier than Hailyn's- but yes I was still sick this time but maybe half as bad- I'll take it! haha! As for work and rest there is none:) I am grateful I can keep working (til March 2!! Fingers crossed for me!) and that's going well I have the smartest students ever! I'm gonna miss them, I feel strange ending early,even if it is to give birth, which is a good excuse:)

Dr thinks baby is big, the other dr says he's measuring perfectly. I think he is good to go I'm not worried. Ryan and I were ten pounders *nearly and H was close to nine (that's being INDUCED too:) and we are healthy average sized adults and were healthy (even shrimpy) kiddos. I just pray I am not induced and have a 32 hour long hospital labor again... so wish me luck there. I will say I feel this baby more and dr says I am likely dialted to a one after an 'episode' I had last week. Again, praying I make it to march:)

Crib and room is all set up. I am slightly sad I didn't get the ADORABLE Dr. Seuss bedding Ryan and I both loved. Sadly the clearance bedding fit our budget better (sigh) /but it's still cute! and Silas won't care (yep that's his name!) but still... I'm sad I have to move end of may...

speaking of which STRESS ugh!! I'm not working next year and I am freaking out about finances ect ESPECIALLY since we are SO CLOSE to buying a house (we aren't settling this time) After 2011, I am really ready to feel settled and at peace and well I'm not there yet. I am just trusting in God's plan. But trust doesn't come easily to me... so yeah it's been fun for me. Moving in May... where? good question. Beating my head against a wall now. JUST as I was getting settled here- organizing, cleaning, purging, NOT my forte and yet I am plunging forward. HUGE sigh...

I can't pick anything up off the floor- makes having a three year old awesome. She is learning responsibility. Hahahaa. I am trying to get her to put my laundry away... not going so well she does put hers away. Oh and don't want to jinx it but I think she will be an INCREDIBLE big sister. She already says 'this is for baby Silas' and she asks when is he coming? and kisses my belly. I am basically obsessed with her. I am going to miss just us time. Me and Hailyn, the girls. She is my mini clone and frankly she's awesome. I am excited to have this baby boy (I hear they love thier mamas) but Hailyn and I love watching Say Yes to the Dress... a boy may cramp our style:)

So there's a small update... five weeks and counting... hopefully I have some cute pics to show you soon!!