Thursday, February 17, 2011

life happenings...

So yes i haven't blogged in FOREVER!!! I know I know!!! Well, I STILL have about ten thousand pictures to download- yep. I'm 'there' I am so behind on everything it's bananas! The only things I am on top of are obviously my students and my kid- and my husband- and those are the important ones so I'll take it! I have undertaken MANY projects this month- why? because life can't get TOO complacent right? I am also learning to type on this new keyboard of mine- I dont think I like it... regardless here's a small taste of the happenings...

1. I decided to spring clean/reorganize my ENTIRE house- why? because I'm nutty! Maybe watching a marathon of HOARDERS BURIED ALIVE will make you purge every single thing you own. I'm also reading organizing books and blogs- If I'm doing this I'm going big or going home- I have gotten rid of SO MUVH STUFF and it feels wonderful- I decided I want a 1000 sp ft house- that's all I want to clean ever. 2400 is just too much...

2. I HATE paying bills- especially lately. On a related note not so excited for taxes this year:(

3. My car STILL needs an oil change. UGH!!! I never go past the 3000 mile marker (even though they say 7-8 thousand now) still...

4. My baby girl is SICK like bigtime- and so no playing for her- or me- and no rest either- ugh! it SUCKS!!! she needs to get better asap- they are now worried she may have asthma when she is older- ugh- inhaler meh! get better baby! also mama needs some rest- and QUIET TIME- I am 10 pages away from editing and I am VERY far behind because when I get a minute I CRASH!

5. This week has been BANANAS!! full moon maybe? drama no thank you- seems everyone has had a rough crazy busy week. Meh! I'm over it!

6. I DESPERATELY want to hire a maid- now that I am an organzing machine I really just want someone to come clean my floors. and m baseboards, and my cabinets. and my blinds. and my bathrooms. and my car. and put away my laundry. yep that's all. not too much to ask right?

7. I neeeeeeeed to get to the gym...I miss the gym...........cant really make it there til the summer though- workout at home

8. just dance 2 is my favorite!!! I LOVE bollywood- and it turns out I'm awesome at it. Seriously good at just dance two- esp. bollywood! haha!

9. I want to learn some AWESOME freezer meals- no not just me buying skillet meals like PF Changs orange chicken (yum!) but homemade freezer deliciousness. I may ask my mother in law or my neighbor to cook them with me- we can knock out two weeks of meals because we are BUSY ladies and while I am supporting our local pizza joints kids going to college I need to eat at home more:) so yes if you have any good ideas lemme know!

10. Anyone have say $20,000 I can have/borrow? I really wanna buy a house.

11. Ryan's little bro got married last weekend- Hailyn wore the cutest dress in the universe. Turns out the dress is not hailyn proof- I need to complain- it is coming undone- ugh! at least it lasted throughout the wedding! haha!

That's it. Craziness. Life. It's good. Anyone wanna freezer meals (send me recipes and/or cook with me) clean my smei-organized house, buy me a house? anyone wanna download my pics and blog about them then create a scrapbook? I need to scrapbook this summer I'm behind. I need to learn my scanner- anyone wanna scan pics for me?Then I'll have time for gym and editing! haha! Life is good- just busy! hope all is well in your world!