Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hailyn turns 4! (and updates)

I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with my blog these days! SO much has happened- we moved, I started a business, two kids... Hailyn in preschool... it's insane! But wonderful... This little miss
Ok, so here's little miss turning four- and a family pic of the four of us- to show we are here too:) haha! Hailynn at 4 is AWESOME!I want to freeze both kids at this age and just keep them this little. We did a taco night for her and then another celebration at Aunt Jen's house complete with in n out and cupcakes and toys galore (Jen spoils us:) and Mimzy got Hailyn some sweet clothes (my kid is dressed super well in the winter months:) We plan to take her to a movie (Frankenweinee or Hotel Transylvania) this week too. LOVE this baby girl... Silas is six months old and melts my heart every day! EVERYONE notices how HAPPY he is- he is just happy- all the time! I love it! Plus he snuggles me a lot! He is into carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, he will eat pears and applesauce but those aren't his favorites- he also doesn't like peaches:) He is SO my kid! haha!He has been teething FOREVER and we are waiting for them to show through... Watching Hailyn and Silas together is the sweetest thing in the world- if he cries, she goes over and comforts him and he starts smiling at her! I swear this baby RARELY cries- he is so GOOD! Just a GOOD baby! So lucky! I love BOTH my babies like CRAZY! Ryan is good- he is in school right now too so we see him maybe one day a week... it's bananas. Excited for December to come just to ease up a bit. He's serving in scouts now and loves it! I started my own business selling skinny wraps and I swear I am MEANT to do this- these products- this wrap- changed my body and my life- LOVING it! I have been traveling, wrapping, partying, working out, having conference calls... making money! we are hoping to buy our dream house soon:) loving it! loving life! I promise I will be better with updates... up next... HALLOWEEN!