Friday, May 7, 2010

19 months...let the countdown begin!

Til she's DONE with this 'phase'-Um what the heck? My daughter on Mother's Day will be 19 months old! WHERE has the time gone? SERIOUSLY?! And it doesn't help that 90% of my friends are pregnant/having newborns- it's mean to do to a gal that's newborn hungry! (no we are not trying, nor are we 'announcing' anything!)

But I miss the newborn phase. A lot. Especially now, that my daughter has decided to grow horns! REALLY?!!! My sweet, easy going, low maintence baby has turned a corner- I maintain that she was holding all her 'frustration' for a year and a hlaf and now just 'unleashed the beast'. She is into EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING! I am trying to teach her to put her toys away, stay out of the pantry ect. She throws tantrums now- what the? SERIOUSLY?! my daughter who I work REALLY hard with to be patient and kind now throws hissy fits. I guess it's frustrating that she can't FULLY communicate with me- or when I say no to her having chips and ice cream for dinner( I know, mean mommy). I have utilized time out- oh yes, at 18 months but you know what? She understands! I now know why I was newborn hungry a couple months ago- so I'd be 'on my way' before this wretchedness of a beast emerged. This is the first age that I'm like- WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDIN ME!? I'm sooooo glad she's in nursery now!
But it's not ALL rotten! PROMISE! My daughter has a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde complex- we're just seeing a bit more of the Mr. Hyde lately. But with this new found 'independence' (and her frustration over not getting to do what she wants when she wants- teen complex hit early!) we have discovered HER! She is a smart, beautiful little girl- FUNNY! CHARMING! When she is sweet she is the sweetest child ever! She is learning so much-for example:

*She holds crayons, pencils, markers (oh the markers are banned from our house now!) correctly

*She talks- a LOT and is clear! love it! she says phrases like 'I like that!' she also says 'chicken' 'shoes' 'dog' 'debbie (were working on MIMZY) Paps, baby...and the list goes on and on...

*She loves to do the workout routine I am doing- she did lunges this morning- I almsot died laughing! so cute!
*She still gives loves- and hugs to me and daddy- and any other 'boy'- she loves our friends that are boys- cracks me up! little flirt! better watch her when she's 16- or before- ahh!
*She dances- LOVE that!
*She's a little mishcief maker- and a little mess maker- but she LOVES to put things away- and I think she makes messes so she can clean them up...
*She is interested in the potty- so we'll see what happens there!
*She like to eat candy- and chocolate- (I need to set a better example!) she also loves baked brocolli (yum!)
*She has to walk EVERYWHERE we go...

We are seeing the little person come more and more out- and that part is a blast! It's a bittersweet age, as with her independence she is learning the boundaries set forth. Ryan and I are disciplined parents- so she is learning quickly her guidelines, and I'm grateful for that- I'm also grateful Ryan and I are on the very same page with parenting- it makes life a ton easier!

Sorry this is so long- this is my sorry excuse for a baby book/journal for her (I am so lazy) here are some pics from my beautiful, mishcief making daughter (At least she cracks us up!)

Sher got into the markers one day- three times (I know, she kept finding 'strays') I maintain this little smurfette wanted to be a member of the Blue Man group- Ry thinks she wanted to be an Avatar- our friend thinks she was trying to be the Incredible Hulk- maybe this little picasso thinks this she is the best canvas...

Look at that FACE! hmmm... she does not like sharing mommy- she'll have to get over that someday (again, not announcing anything!)


She LOVES shoes- especially these pink trekking shoes- at least they fit her feet! She used to hate shoes, so I'm grateful she'll at least wear them now! She wears them to bed sometimes- yeah-

She got into the pantry and created a buffet for her and Hurley- sigh

We just love our little mess maker!