Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The HAPPIEST place on earth...

The next day of our PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY we went to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! DISNEYLAND!!!! It was HAILYN'S FIRST TIME!!!! And Brandi, you could be a TOUR GUIDE for Disneyland- AMAZING! Oh my goodness we had way too much fun!!!

TEACUPS!!!!! The girls loved it- the mamas learned they aren't as young as they used to be (ahem!) wink wink!

This is Hailyn on the pier- boy did that girl LOVE the pier- she SPRINTED to Rubys- but this is her sporting her new accesories!

HAUNTED MANSION! WE basically walked on! Hailyn LOVED it!!! she loved the ghosts and she tried to blow the candles out of the candelabras! haha it was so funny! We aslo got onto Pirates of the Carribean quickly too (people in Disney ROCKED! minus one guy on the Dumbo ride- haha!) Hailyn LOVED them!


CAROSAL!!! Hailyn LOVED the carosal!!! We go all the way to Disneyland and the girl wants to ride the carosal a thousand times- haha!


I want to live in sleeping beauty's castle- I love Sleeping Beauty!

Upon arrival!!!!!

We got to see FANTASMIC!!! It was INCREDIBLE and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! We went on the 55th birthday- the actual day and there parades and festivities all day long but it wasn't too crowded- and people saved us seats at Fantasmic and people were really cool (minus one jerk on the Dumbo ride! haha!) It was an INCREDIBLE wonderful day- and weekend! LOVE it!!! WE drove back that night and although we wanted to do this...

Brnadi and I bought $20 worth of energy drinks and drove through the night with sleeping babies- I brought a new meaning to the term bust a move! haha! and we got attacked by a swarm of bugs at a gas station at 3 am- it was quite a memorable weekend and I feel SO LUCKY to have been able to go!! Brandi, you should be a tour guide for Disney- and you are a rockstar- it was a blast- thank you for the best girls weekend EVER! LOVE YOU!!!!

The Perfect Weekend....

This last weekend Brandi and I decided (last minute!) to escape the heat warning in Las Vegas and take our girls to the beach and Disneyland! The girls were INCREDIBLE- I mean like thier halos were glistening! They were amazing on the drive down and back and all the time in between! When we got there we went steaight to Hunington Beach- BEAUTIFUL! Hailyn LOVES the beach and had a blast- and this was her first time going into the ocean- she LOVED it!

Our cute california girls palying in the sand!

A lot of digging in the sand- the beach is one giant sandbox!

Checking out the ocean!

Mother daughter love!

Despite the face she LOVED playing in the water!

HOT mamas!

We ate a RUBY'S (drooling now thinking about it) and poked around the shops then we went searching for a hotel got the girls bathed and in bed and ready for day two...DISNEYLAND!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

21 months!!!

This beautiful girl turned 21 months on the 9th- I was busy- recovering from oral surgery and doped up on loritab to do a post. Can I just stop for a minute and say what the heck? I have an almost TWO year old!!! I want to cry!!! I feel old- I miss my baby- but she will alwaye be my baby!:) and she is becoming a LOT of fun! Here are some examples:

-she says 'uh oh' ALWAYS- and it's always at teh funniest times
-she likes her blanket (esp the pink one) it disapperared for a while but I got it out while we were traveling- it will have to disappear again
-she likes things orderly- she'll make a mess and pick it up- I gope that stays
-she's getting better at nursery- she only cries for a few minutes then she seems to calm down- she's always excited when we pick her up
- I enrolled her in a tumbling and a gymboree class to try and get her to socialize more with kids her own age- she's shy at first but then comes around
- she LOVES to put lotion/soap on me, her everyone- hilarious! she brings me containers of soap!

I love this little girl like crazy!!! she is my buddy and it's so fun seeing how smart, clever and funny she is!!! here's to almost two (tear)

does someone have a newborn I can hold like now?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wisdom over the years...

Ok so while I'm at this whole acting like a grown up kick (yes the mortgage, cars, education, having a child, these did not make me feel like a grown up- getting my ears pierced at claire's, like my one year old has, that did it!) I finally got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday! I know right- I am only 26- psssh whatever! My teeth grow late and it has never been a problem- well, I had them pulled tuesday, and had a filling and a crown put in as well as so far I am recovering VERY well (I think!) Still can't chew or open my mouth a lot but I've been recovering and doing laundry ect- I had no laughing gas or anesthesia and I havent had a loritab in two days! I think my atv crash and hailyn's birth were WAY worse recovery than this so cheers to this (conitnuing) to be a speedy recovery!)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok, so for the 4th of July we went to my mom's hometown Fillmore Utah and got to see my extended family (FINALLY!) It was AWESOME! Fillmore, they know how to do forth of july RIGHT! Well, since it's blogger and I'm lazy, the pictures are in reverse order from the day- what can you do?

Here we are getting to watch the fireworks- they were INCREDIBLE and like 40 minutes long! LOVE this face!

Cuddling up to dad!

EXHAUSTED before the fireworks- once they started she watched half the show then slept the last half- silly girl!

blowing bubbles in my aunt's INCREDBILE backyard- she has a creek in her backyard- and a dog- Hailyn was in HEAVEN!

Hailyn on the slip n slide- someone forgot to pack her swimsuit (opps mom!) next year! she loved it all the same!

Aunt Melanie with her two beautiful neices!

What Ryan did most of the day- slept!

Necklaces! Time to accesorize!

Hailyn with Carson and Nathan- she LOVES them! So cute to watch!

an ice pop from the parade! my cousin Jonathon gave it to her and she LOVED it! haha!

So we went to the parade, then the park where there were booths and bouncy houses, then to my aunts gorgeous backyard to play eat, slip and slide then on to the fireworks- it was an incredible weekend- and I can't wait for next year! I love my fam! Hailyn's favorite parts of the day were a lamb I got for her we lovingly named Fillmore- she HAD to have Fillmore once she saw him in the historic musuem- haha. Candy- and this girl ate PLENTLY of it- and all of her favorite people loving on her- can't wait to go again next year!

I'm a GROWN UP NOW!!!!!

SOOOOO it's official- I'm now closer to (ahem cough) 30 than I am to 20- and I have mixed emotions about that! Since blogger is being oh so awesome I can only load two pics at a time- so here's a preveiw of my birthday expereince. This beautiful girl took me out on the town- while her wonderuflly hubby watched all three girls, she convinced me to get my ears repierced. I had my ears pierced when I was 12- and right after I got married they closed up- so I FINALLY got them repierced! WE then went to OUTBACK (oh I am still drooling over the dessert- which unfortunately I can't post a pic yet- grrr- maybe later?) and then saw eclipse- an awesome night with an awesome bestie! thanks girl! it was WAY too much fun! :)


Ok, well blogger is being difficult and I'm not able to post all the pics I want to right now, so here are a few from our overnight in DC- and one of the liberty bell because well that's what blogger did- so here are some pics- the white house- twice and the WWII memorial- hopefully I'll get more up! I'm sad I didn't get any with Lindzie- ut sure was fun seeing you!!! I need another trip back east soon- it was too much fun!!!