Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where did summer go?

This summer has been BUSY!!! I thought once I' not teaching full time in the summer I"m going to have all this spare time to do things- HA! It has been eventful- and WONDERFUL! We kicked off the sumer going to San Diego for a week- AWESOE! Hailyn LOVED the zoo! Then we went BACK EAST to Philly to visit friends and hit NYC and Washington DC- then my BIRTHDAY (car AC's went out- on both cars!got it fixed though!) then we went to Fillmore for my family reunion (I miss these people SO SO MUCH!) and hit Beaver Mountain where I want to live forever (in the sumer that is) then I got my wisdom teeth out. Hailyn started Gymboree and Tumbling classes. Yep yep. Then I went on an amazing girls trip to Cali with my three fav girls to the beach and disneyland! yaya! then a week of subbing and watching kiddos- BUSY! then A CRUISE! My first one EVER (and Ryan's too!) we went to Catalina and Ensenada- it was AWESOME! I'm a big fan of cruises. I come home to a pile of mail, getting ready for school to start and trying to finish cleaning my house and projects- sigh! BUSY! awesomeness though- I love being busy! Sprinkle in some free movies, tutoring, splash park dates and lunches with friends it's been a pretty amazing summer! but I'm worn out!! maybe another cruise to relax?